Hey Mickey!

Hey Mickey, you’re so fine, you’re so fine you blow my mind.  Hey Mickey!  . . . Hey Mickey!

Is it in your head now?  Nice.  Goal accomplished.  Okay, but on to a quick post that is somewhat of a little tribute to one Bachelor-in-Residence whom you may remember from here, here, and here.  (Wow, it’s amazing how much Mr. B and I see this kid, eh?) 

Well, MO has been promising me a Virginia t-shirt for approximately a year (but who’s counting, right?)–see, he works for some t-shirt people.  That’s all I’m gonna’ say.  So as it turns out, he’s hanging with Mr. B in Vegas at the moment, and look what he got me:

YAY!!  I’m so excited!!  And it even looks big enough to fit me and my growing bump . . . double score.

Oh, and it looks like MO not only came through for me, but also for all of Idiot Nation with the Syracuse “Comin’ in HOT!” t-shirts.  And just in case all of Vegas wasn’t clear on who this motley crew was, well, MO helped out with that too . . .

Job well done, MO.  Job.  Well.  Done.

And yes, Mr. B is currently in Vegas clearly working hard with the other members of Idiot Nation . . .

Um yeah–rough life for these kids, eh?

Okay, so there’s my shout-out thank you to MO for my t-shirt (I can’t wait for Mr. B to bring it home) and my little shout-out to Idiot Nation.  Have fun boys!!

Vegas–Take Two

Our trip with Blue Monkey Mike ended in Vegas, so of course we had to go out in style.  And since I have a sister who basically invented style, she and her beau were our go-to’s (plus, it was my sister’s birthday the day we arrived in Vegas, so what better place to celebrate, right?).  We decided to get a room at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, one of the newest (and in our opinion, the MOST luxurious) hotels on the strip.

Notice the balconies in that picture?  Almost all the rooms have balconies–one of the many things that makes the hotel unique.

Cosmopolitan Balcony

And the rooms?  I think my sister said it best with simply, “This is the best hotel room I’ve ever seen . . . ” (and coming from her, that’s saying A LOT).

Yeah, we not only had our own private balcony, but also a living room, mini kitchen (complete with a dishwasher!), a massive closet and dressing area, jacuzzi tub, separate shower, two huge TVs that controlled everything from the lighting to the room temperature (there were settings for romance as well as party–not only did the lights change, but so did the music), and all the hip accessories to make you wish you were that cool.

Colored pencils?!  Yes–colored pencils.

But I think my favorite parts were the hidden surprises . . . like the toilet room with it’s amazing wallpaper that made you look twice:

There’s nothing like some naked lady silhouettes when you’re in the loo, eh?

But hands-down my favorite was the closets . . . are you ready?!

(That’s all leather trim by the way.)  Shall I open them for you?

How fantastic slash creepy is that wallpaper?!  I totally want to do this to the closets in our master bedroom–what do you think?  Quick post update–I found this wallpaper!  It’s Tema e Variazioni Wallpaper by Cole and Son in their Fornasetti Collection and costs about $100 per roll. 

Okay, but enough about the Cosmopolitans’ rooms–they were just the beginning.  The hotel also had fabulous restaurants and shops.  To celebrate my sister’s 21st (sort of) birthday, we dined at Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill which was truly outstanding . . . both the food and the service were excellent.

We then let my sis and her beau have some alone time while we went and met up with a couple locals . . .

Yep, just a couple of the Mr.’s buddies . . . you may remember Matt from Vacation Bunches’ last trip to Vegas:

I’m not sure if he’s the one on the right or the left . . . but either way he was in town “on business” and so we met him and Taylor out for a drink at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill at Harrah’s (sidenote: if you want to do some country line dancing next time you’re visiting Sin City, this is your place).

Of course, I got tired pretty quickly, so the boys walked me back to the Cosmopolitan and then decided to put on their gambling pants for a bit (and by a bit, I mean until 4 AM; no worries, though–they both came out winners that night).  Apparently, this was where it all went down (yep–that’s a private table for high rollers at the Cosmo; in short–don’t ask):

The next morning started with brunch at the Cosmopolitan’s amazing buffet, Wicked Spoon (you may remember that we visited it on our last trip to Vegas), and we couldn’t wait to get back in there.

We were pretty hungry once we arrived since you have to walk practically a mile to get there (the hotel is H-U-G-E), and there was some enticing artwork along the way . . . chocolate shoes?  Yes please!

Oh, and there were these old-school cigarette machines called Artomat that sold mini art from Etsy artists . . . how cool is that?  (The Mr. bought me two–isn’t he sweet?)

The walk also lent itself to some out-of-the-ordinary photo ops that my sister totally rocked . . .

Yeah, we were a bit ridiculous.

All that posing though really worked up our appetites.  Good thing it was all you could eat . . .

Cheese polenta with roasted mushrooms, mac and cheese, a pork bun (far right above), polish sausage, and some shortribs and pasta (hiding under the lid).  Not to mention the beet salad!!  Love, love, love me some beet salad (gotta give a quick shout-out to Joanne for introducing me to the wonderful world of beets) . . .

Beet Salad at Wicked Spoon

Oh, and the dessert bar?  Yeah–I hit that.

Wicked Spoon Dessert Bar

After we rolled out of left Wicked Spoon, we decided to walk the strip a little.

And found ourselves at Sugar, the posh sweet spot in Paris Las Vegas.

They had every type of sweet imaginable: from the world’s largest gummy bear . . .

World's Largest Gummy Bear

. . . to everything in bulk you could possibly ever want (including a Happy Birthday lollipop shout-out for my sis):

Even Jeremiah found something . . . looks like my sister was going to be getting an extra-special birthday treat.

Sugar Candy Underwear

I think she may have been more entranced, though, by the cupcakes on display . . . sorry Jeremiah!

Sugar Cupcakes

What a fun store, huh?

It even put the Mr. in a dancing kind of mood (sugar rushes tend to do that for him) . . .

After we got our fill of sweet sugary goodness, we headed back to the Cosmopolitan to say goodbye :(.  But first, we did a bit more marveling at all the swankiness that the Cosmo had to offer (and we may or may not have gotten a backstage tour of the most popular day and night club in the world, Marquee Las Vegas–sometimes opening the unlabeled doors in a hotel has its perks).  But sorry, no pictures of that–I was too scared wowed.  But here’s the ground level of the Cosmopolitan’s Chandelier Bar, an amazing three-story bar that makes it feel like you’re literally sitting inside a chandelier.

Chandelier Bar

The Bond Bar also had some cool bits and pieces, although I’m sure it’s much more lively at night than when we were tooling around . . .

Bond Bar Gaming

Love this wall treatment . . .

Alright, so that’s all she wrote . . . I’ll leave you with this image of the Grand Canyon from our flight home.  Sigh.

Westward and Onward

To celebrate the acceptance of the offer on our soon-to-be home, we’ve headed west!  Okay, so maybe we had this trip planned for months, and it was just really coincidental that it started the day our offer was accepted, but either way . . . we’re in the midst of adventouring (yep, that’s another homemade word by yours truly; deal with it).  So far, the trip has been AMAZING, thanks to our fantastic tour guide, Blue Monkey Expeditions.

Blue Monkey Adventours

Blue Monkey picked us up from the Paris in Las Vegas after we (of course) sampled yet another buffet at Le Village BuffetQuick side note: don’t do the Paris breakfast buffet; at $15.99 per person, it’s most definitely not worth it.  You’re much better going across the Strip to the new Cosmopolitan hotel for a couple bucks more (I think $17.99) at the Wicked Spoon and eating food that you can’t prepare yourself at home.  Last time we were in Sin City, that’s what we did and it was totally worthwhile; unlike this sad shot:

Skip it

But enough about Vegas; Sin City was just the starting point for our adventure, which began when Mike and Carrie picked us up in the travel van . . .

Blue Monkey Rider
We met our other adventourers (10 in total, including us) and quickly became friendly in the way that only happens when traveling in a van over a long distance with strangers.  We headed to Zion National Park, where our first stop was at the Kolob Canyons.

Yep, it was basically Gorgeous with a capital G.  We did a short hike up Timber Creek Trail and had a picnic lunch along the way.

The Mr. himself was pretty excited . . .

And look how sweet our guides looked at the first stop . . .

We even managed to catch a glimpse of some of the local wildlife, which only wet our appetites for sightings of more critters later in the trip . . .

This was such a great way to get a taste of hiking Zion before we embarked on a full-day adventure in the heart of the park the next day.  Of course, to get to our resort, we had to drive all the way through Zion, and that was difficult–at every turn we just wanted to jump out of the van and soak in our surroundings, but we had to press on . . .

The drive itself meandered through the park, and included a pitch-black mile-long tunnel!  Boy were we glad that Mike handled the twists and turns so well!  Every way we looked was awe-inspiring . . . check out the moon’s cameo in this shot:

We eventually arrived at Zion Ponderosa Resort, where we would be staying for three nights.  It was tucked away in the canyons surrounding Zion and was truly a remarkable place . . . great food, mini golf, campfires, ziplines, ATVs, barn dances, cabins–you name it, and they had it.  The place is owned by the founder of JetBlue, but you’d never know it from being there.

The staff was outstanding, and our cabin couldn’t have been more cozy . . .

Doesn’t the Mr. just look so outdoorsy?!  Blue Monkey totally outdid themselves and picked a great place to call home for a few days.

Okay, so more tomorrow on Zion, Bryce Canyon, and even Lake Powell (we’re in Lake Powell now) . . . but for now, I’ve got to go get my adventouring on (I think if I use the word enough, then it’ll catch on–what do ya’ think?). 🙂

Vegas Baby–Yeah!

Quick housing update: I was a bit hasty yesterday.  Turns out the owners of what’s-behind-door-number-one were just kind of slow in getting back to us, but they aren’t completely rejecting our offer.  Hooray!  Although, this would have been good to know before I started extrapolating on all my doubts in order to make the impending loss of the home less traumatic . . . but, back to being Positive Polly.  So they sort of countered with $185,000 (remember from here: the listing price was $209,900 and we offered $173,500), which means we’re in the game!  We’re going to go back verbally with $178,000 and see what happens next . . . fingers and toes crossed everyone!

Okay, so now back to our regularly scheduled program . . .

Even though most of you have read here, here, here, here, here, and here about our trip to California (wow–probably overkill, huh?), I realized that I forgot to bore you to death tell you all about our trip to Vegas.  We took the following route from Santa Barbara over to Sin City, and most definitely the first bit (from A to B below) was beautiful.  The last bit?  Not so much.  The map kind of sums it up nicely: green=gorgeous; sand color=well, sand.  Who’s ever had fun staring at miles and miles of sand?  Oh yeah, I guess maybe people on a beach.  Nevermind.

Santa Barbara to Vegas

But I’m sure you’re all dying to know what is that point B?!  What could it be?!  A magical land?  Buried treasure?  Home of the newest OREO?  The World’s Largest Thermometer?  Well, those would all be good guesses, but the winner is . . .

The Mr can find a Buffalo ANYWHERE!

Yep, it’s a store that sells EVERYTHING in the middle of nowheresville.  And I do mean everything . . .

What’s a Cowboy Hot Stick?  Er, this kind that is . . . 

Charlie Brown's Varied Nuts

Ice cream and made-to-order mini donuts?  Yes please.

It was a good thing we stopped . . . we’ve been looking for an Ostrich egg for some time now.

All that stuff left us almost crippled with indecision.  That is, until we saw the milkshake sign and those three little words that signify all that is good and great in this world: peanut butter chocolate. 

And you know what they (aka Deenie) say about milkshakes: they coat the stomach.  Yum.

Once we finished up hanging out with good ol’ Charlie Brown, we continued on to the next highlight of our trip . . . yep, that’s right: there was a teaser earlier in the post, and so maybe you’ve guessed it . . . the World’s Largest Thermometer!

Good thing we got that checked off our bucket list, huh?  After spending a couple hours seconds at the historic site, which conveniently also houses a Bob’s Big Boy (apparently those are still in business.  Why?  Not so sure), we got back on the road in our fancy schmancy rental car . . .

. . . (yeah, it was a pimpin’ ride) and watched more sand go by.

Finally, after what seemed like days ;), we saw the big city . . . but immediately exited early in order to grab ourselves some lunch at In-n-Out.  I had already looked up the secret menu and we had decided to get some burgers, Animal Style.  Boy were we excited.

So how were the burgers you ask?  Oh, well, I DON’T KNOW!  Because guess who decided to be closed on Easter Sunday?!  Yeah–all the In-n-Out chains EVERYWHERE!  Grr.  Back on to Vegas I guess . . . the Mr. assured me there would be food (duh).  So we headed down the street to Mandalay Bay.

And got a primo room on the 33rd floor overlooking the strip.

Not too shabby, huh?  It probably helps that they knew about Vacation Bunches from his trip only a few weeks earlier.  Apparently he made quite the impression at this poolside cabana:

Maybe even with a little help from this guy . . .

Luckily we got to hang out a little with one Mr. Taylor Scott on our trip, and it was great.  Besides some good pool time . . .

We also got in our fair share of “walkabouts” as the Mr.’s friends call them.  The thing with Vegas is that it’s deceiving . . . everything looks close together until you try to walk there.  But we love walking, so it worked for us.

I call this the Bellagio Stare . . . lots of deep thoughts I’m sure.  One of the best parts of our trip clearly was our visit to our homeland, our joy of all joys, our lifeforce if you will . . .

Yeah, I know.  We’re sort of odd.  But dang if we both don’t love M&Ms.  And M&M World?!  Heaven–just heaven.  Sigh.

Of course, we also did some more grown-up things . . . like dine at Koi in Planet Hollywood (where the Mr. had some fantastic sea bass, and I had pretty ho-hum sushi), play some games . . .  

Do some posing with celebrities . . .

. . . and just overall be sophisticated (this is my favorite shot from our two days there):

We also saw “O“, the Cirque du Soleil show at the Bellagio.  It was I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E.  Absolutely stunning.  Definitely put it on your bucket list!

Oh, and the Mr. was right–there was food in Vegas.  Lots and lots of food.  We did the breakfast buffet at the Wynn for $18.99 per person, and it was pretty good.  Not great, but pretty good.  The next day we did the breakfast buffet at the Wicked Spoon at the Cosmopolitan (the new swanky 5-star hotel slash casino), which only cost $17.99 and was actually much better (lots more fresh fruit, red velvet pancakes, beet and goat cheese salad, shrimp cocktail, meats galore, I could go on).  And, we learned a little trick entirely by accident: we went to breakfast around 10:30 AM and took our time; then, at around 11:00 AM, the buffet transitioned to a lunch buffet!  They opened another wall, doubled the size of the dining options, and we just saddled right up.  Talk about food!  We’re talking sushi, short ribs, bacon-wrapped salmon, tacos, desserts, lamb, basically anything and everything!  Sigh.  Good thing we were both wearing stretchy pants.

Overall, we had such a great trip.  And, it didn’t hurt that we finished each night with this view:

Aahh . . . Sin City.  We’ll miss you–although, not for long!  We’ll be back there in only a few weeks for Round 2!

(I know–I’m officially dork-tastic.)


Goodbye Boston, Hello Buffalo!


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