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With the move into our new house looming just around the corner, the Mr. and I have been readying ourselves with some Internet comparison shopping.  See, we already know that there’s going to be a lot to buy . . . yard tools, paint, a new kitchen, toilets, furniture, and all the random stuff that you don’t know you need until you move in.  And since we tend to over-research every buying decision possible, we thought we’d pass on some useful links that have helped us save money so far (and hopefully a lot more in the future) and might help you as well.  Of course, this is definitely not complete, so if you know of any more, please post a comment with your suggestions.

Our newest favorite is eBates, where you get cash back for purchases you make online.  The percentage of cash back varies by store, but we recently used it for some purchases at NewEgg and we got a check in the mail for $15!  Not bad, huh?  All you do is log in to eBates as a starting point, then search for the store that you want to shop at, click through to that store and shop away.  Oh, and you can still use coupon codes at your destination store–how’s that for a double whammy?!

Speaking of coupon codes, our favorite site for those is  Just enter the store in the search box and find all the coupon codes currently available (and whether or not they work).  We always check this site before every single online purchase and usually  get lucky and find at least one code that helps with our purchase.  Generally, we just write down the coupon code (to input later at checkout) instead of clicking through to it; that way, we can click through to the site from eBates and make use of both the cash back rebate as well as the coupon code.  How you like that?!

If you’re shopping for tech gadgets (such as computers, cameras, etc.), we recommend checking out  Consumer Reports recommends the site as an initial stop when shopping for high ticket items, and we recently found it to be a great resource when we bought our new laptop.  It basically lists “hot” deals every day from a bunch of different shopping sites, so it’s a good starting point in what can be a pretty overwhelming Internet shopping world, particularly for big ticket items.

Okay, so hopefully somebody finds this useful . . . and just think of what you can spend all that saved money on?  Maybe a house-warming gift for the Bunches?!  Aww–that’s so nice of you to think of us ;).

Get Your Snookie On–For FREE!

In preparation for my sister’s wedding, I got sprayed today.  Wait–that’s spray-tanned today (seeing as we’re in Upstate, I just realized that could’ve been misread as having to do with some type of animal or something).  The spraying was necessary because:

  1. The wedding’s in Santa Barbara, CA;
  2. My sister already got her spray on, and since I’m the only one in the bridal party, I didn’t want to be upstaged by the bride (this is my day too ya’ know 😉 ); and
  3. Mr. Bunches and I tend to avoid the sun like the plague, so we have a certain ghost-like thing happening right now.  It’s super attractive.

Although, our avoidance of all UVA/UVB rays is yet one more thing we won’t have to spend too much time worrying about these days since we’ve learned that the sun doesn’t actually shine in Western New York.  Just check out this shot that we took on Sunday during our house hunting adventures:

Yep–that’s snow.  Up here apparently they have April SNOW showers as opposed to rain.  Noted.

But I digress . . . the point of this post is to pass on a fake bake coupon, so that you too can live vicariously through Snookie, JWoww, and MVP.  I actually completely stumbled across the coupon when I was searching for a place to get Mystic Tanned, and I saw this on their site.  As long as you have a participating location near you, then you’re good to go–one FREE Mystic HD Tan for the entire month of April 2011.  I chose Medium this morning, in hopes that it will last until the big day on Friday  (the bronzed girl at the counter suggested Light due to my skin’s current translucence, but I told her I could handle the real stuff–she wasn’t impressed).  It’s only been 3 hours, and it takes a full 5-7 for it to develop, so we’ll see what I look like when I get off the plane tonight . . . hopefully, not this:

I have to admit that the Mystic HD was actually much better than the regular old Mystic Tan.  In this one, the booth is heated, so you’re not shocked out of your senses when the cold mist starts.  And, it has a built-in dryer, so you don’t even have to towel off.  Of course, since I’m only halfway through my color creation, who knows if my review will change later today; if I end up all Oompa-Loompahed, I’ll let you know.

Snookie image from here.


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