Driving Ms. Bunches

Fully embracing life in Western NY, Mr. Bunches and I attended our first Auto Show together this past weekend.  Can you believe it?  I only say that not because cars aren’t cool and all, but because Mr. B and I may be the only people we know who aren’t concerned with what we drive (those of you who know us can attest to this from Mr. B’s Club Escape and my former cruising machine . . . )

Although, with our 10+ year old cars dying slow deaths, we have managed to upgrade (you may remember our Cleveland adventure to get the Subbie from here).

And we’ll probably soon be in the market for yet another car, so what better way to check out a bunch of options than at an Auto Show, right?  So off we went . . .

And clearly someone did not bring his best attitude, huh?  No worries–that frown was short-lived.

We got to check out the Chevy Volt, and apparently that was the only time I brought out my camera . . . oops.

It was a pretty tiny car.  Mr. B barely fit in the backseat, which means I wouldn’t stand a chance getting in there :).

Of course, it’s entirely possible that last picture was of a different car than the Volt.  Obviously I didn’t do a good job of taking broad shots so that we could determine which cars were which.  And my memory is nothing but shoddy these days.  Oh well.

I’d like to say I know what car this was in, but I have no idea . . .

Possibly the new Prius V?  We did like that car a lot–it’s on our short list at the moment.

Either way, we had a good time hopping in lots of fun cars.  Oh, and I didn’t get a picture of this one because the room was all dark with crazy mood lighting, but we did like this car a lot too:

It was shockingly roomy inside.

Of course, my favorite part of the show was the free photo booth provided by Ford.  I’ve always loved photo booths and the idea of collecting photo strips, but all the booths around now seem to add all these tacky effects so you don’t just get the classic b&w strip of images.  And while the Ford booth definitely had a promo edge to it, it at least wasn’t super cheesy.

And who knew that my nose was entirely made of rubber?

New Year, MO Problems

Happy New Year everybody!!!  Oh, and while we’re at it–Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, and Joyous Kwanzaa!  Sorry that Mr. Bunches and I have been absent from the blogosphere, and pretty much every sphere lately, but we’ve both been running around a lot these days.  And unfortunately the holidays kind of got lost in the shuffle.  So sorry to everyone who didn’t receive a holiday card from us this year–we promise to make up for it next year.  In the meantime, consider this a picture greeting card for ya:

That’s Mr. Bunches and I at Rockefeller Center this year.  That’s right–we took a quick trip to NYC in mid December and had a great time walking around the big city.  So that’s our holiday card this year–bam.  But thank you to everyone for your amazing cards . . .

Yep–that there represents many of the cards we received this year, and it’s a little sad for me to admit this, but what you’re looking at were also the ONLY Christmas decorations that made it up in our house this season.  There was no tree, no stockings, no tchotchkis, no nothing.  Pathetic, isn’t it?  Let’s just say that lots of travel isn’t so conducive to holiday decorating, er, well, at least in our home it’s not (I’m sure a bunch of you out there have much better excuses to potentially not decorate and yet you still managed to make your homes festive and cheerful for the holidays.  Well, kudos to you.  Maybe someday Mr. B and I will figure out how to do it all too).

Okay, but enough about our pathetic lack of decor.  Let’s move on to the real soul of this post: MO PROBLEMS.  And for those of you familiar with Idiot Nation (from here, here, and here), you may recognize MO . . .

And his P.I.C. (that’s Partner-in-Crime for those of you in the dark on the cool-kid lingo), Fabio, . . .

Although, admittedly Fabio has lost a bit of his connection to his namesake since he trimmed his long, swarthy locks.  But we’re digging the new look–whaddya think?

So yes, two of Idiot Nation’s finest came into town for the New Year’s weekend, and let’s just say things started off with a bang.

Yep, a bars-are-open-until-4-am-in-New-York type of BANG.  Needless to say, I sat out this round.  And thank goodness I did since the morning-after didn’t look so pretty . . .

But did that stop them?!  Oh heck no!  Friday night was only a warm-up.  MO’s always ready to go, especially once he finds himself a new man purse . . .

Um yeah.  Not sure what’s going on there.  Moving on . . .

Besides our two Bachelors-in-Residence (yes ladies–they’re single and ready-to-mingle), we actually did have some real guests for our mini-New-Year’s-bash: Mr. and Mrs. Rockstar and Bunches Jr.!

But before we headed out to the bar, first we had to all get ready for the big night out . . . and let’s just say that Idiot Nation took it to a whole new level–a bow-tie level to be exact:

Like I said ladies–single and ready-to-mingle:

That’s 2012 in case you’re wondering.  So once we finished with the boys’ photo shoot . . .

. . . it was time to play some games!

And after the girls dominated against the boys, they were sufficiently demoralized in time for a festive night out.  Nothing like heading to the bars at 11:30 PM on New Year’s Eve, right?  Aww yeah . . .

J.P. Bullfeathers ended up being our destination of choice (mostly because it was closest to the parking spot we found, but it also ended up being pretty chill–perfect for us).  And since we only had a little bit of time before the big moment, we got right to work . . .

Champagne?  Check.

Party faces?  Check.

Someone to kiss at midnight?  For Mr. B and I–check.

For MO and Fabio?  Not so much–they only had 30 minutes to find their lucky ladies . . . I tried to help by giving them a two-minute warning:

But unfortunately, only MO came away with a kiss at midnight . . .


But even though Fabio wasn’t quite as lucky, he still had a great time.

So there you have it!  We survived Idiot Nation and our first New Year’s in Buffalo–kudos to us!  And kudos to you for making it through this whole post–you deserve it.  Anyone else kind of getting hungry for a Kudos bar?  Do they even make those anymore?  Maybe these two idiots can Google it?

We Are the Champions

By now you’ve probably realized that Mr. Bunches and I are pretty adventurous.  We scale mountains.  We replace toilets.  We Mr. B runs hot routes.  But now we’re here to tell you that we are champions!  Er, well, sort of.

That is, if you’re definition of champion reads something like this:


Noun: A person who has defeated or surpassed all most rivals in a competition, esp. in sports
Verb: Support the cause of, defend.
noun.  advocate – supporter – fighter
verb.  defend – advocate – uphold – protect – assert
So yes–we are declaring ourselves champions!  Huzzah.  Actually, we ran a 5k at the Ellicottville Fall Festival a couple weekends ago, and we did pretty well.  One of us even managed to finish 3rd in their age group, which meant we got a trophy (of sorts):
Hooray for usable trophies, eh?  Especially considering that we collect pint glasses.
Okay, but we aren’t just writing this post to brag about how we did in a 5k.  That would be awful full-of-ourselves, wouldn’t it?  Kind of like writing a blog about ourselves as if other people could possibly be interested in our day-to-day lives.  I mean, that would be really over-the-top, don’t you think?   Jeez–I can’t stand people like that.
But back to us . . . after the race (sidenote: at the end of the race, the organizers had a cookout for the 300+ people that competed as well as their families.  And not only was there free food but also free beer.  Yes–free beer.  As many as you wanted.  No questions asked.  Life is good in Western NY.  Very, very good.) we attended the Ellicottville Fall Fest, and it was gorgeous!  Ellicottville is this quaint ski town just south of Buffalo.
Just look at how adorable some of the homes were:
A big red barn.  Sigh.
The weather was perfect–sunny and in the low 80s (not exactly fall weather, but we’ll take it).  And apparently, this is the festival to be at–there were a TON of people in attendance!
And also a boatload of vendors.
This one was by far my favorite:
Aren’t those designs great?  Some Googling turned up that the company is & Buffalo.  Methinks that Santa may have to bring some of these this year . . . ahem, Mr., ahem: Santa = you.
But not only were there some cool vendors, but also some yummy food.  I waited in line at Dina’s for some fan-tas-tic mac n’cheese (I did run a 5k after all).
While the Mr. opted for a more barbarian feast . . .
Either way, we both ate great.  And then it was ICE CREAM time!
Oh happy day of days!
We love us some peanut butter chocolate ice cream.  Yes sir.
After the ice cream, we were pretty content, so we decided to do some shopping.  We had high hopes of getting Mr. B a set of skis at a reasonable cost (there were a bunch of ski swaps/tent sales going on), but apparently our idea of reasonable didn’t exactly jive with the going rate for ski equipment.  Apparently used skis average around $300!  We were thinking closer to the $100 range.  Apparently, we were wrong.  So we resigned ourselves to just having Mr. rent equipment the next time we went skiing, and we headed back to our car.  Sigh.
But on the way back, we walked by some yard sales in town (and you know how much I love yard sales), and guess what we found?!  Skis!!  Lots and lots of skis actually.
Apparently this woman finds skis and poles on the side of the road.  Apparently people just leave them there after they’re done skiing.  Apparently she collected them with hopes of making some sort of ski art.  Apparently, she’s what we call a ski-hoarder.  But, at only $20 a set, we were sold!  We checked them out, they seemed fine, and we figured, $20 isn’t that much money if they turn out to be somehow no good.  Skis for Mr. Bunches?  Check.

And this is what we saw ogled at on our walk back.  We’d been too busy running our hearts out earlier to really take a good look, but is that not the prettiest ski resort/golf course you’ve ever seen?

Turns out that it’s Holiday Valley Ski Resort.  Needless to say, we’ll definitely be coming back this winter.

So since we’re still new here–should we be shocked about the free beer at post-race parties?  Or is that the norm?  Anyone think we’re crazy for buying $20 skis from a hoarder?

Happy Friday everyone!

Circling the Wagons

That’s right folks . . .

The Buffalo Bills circled the wagons on Sunday, yessiree.

Which meant that it wasn’t such a good day for these boys.  Not a good day at all.

And yeah–that’s the view from our seats.  Nothing like being able to actually hear the players, but I digress.  While it was a sad day for Patriots Nation, it was, indeed, a fantastic day for Idiot Nation (thanks Mr. Rockstar for giving me a name for y’all).

Yes–I’m not dressed in Bills or Patriots gear, but that was on purpose.  I was trying to stay in fully neutral territory; mission accomplished.  But my sister and b-i-l weren’t so neutral . . .

No sir–they fully embraced their surroundings (I think the stories about crazy Bills fans had them convinced that the prudent and safe thing to do was to root for the home team).   But Ralph Wilson Stadium did them no harm.

Of course, they didn’t go all out like this gentleman did, but that’s okay.  Maybe next game?

While the game started off slowly with some questionable players on the field . . .

. . . it soon turned into a nail-biter.

My poor Mr. lost his voice singing his heart out . . . HEEAAEEAAY . . . HEEAAEEAAY . . . LET’S GO BUFFALO! . . . LET’S GO BUFFALO!  And then he found himself looking at this.  And memories of Wide Right came flooding back.  Could this time be different?  Could the Bills really end a 15-game losing streak?!

Oh yes they could!!!!  And there’s Fred Jackson’s victory lap to prove it . . .

It was truly a moment.  Truly.  We stayed a while to soak it in.  My Mr. had been waiting a looooooong time for that, and I was happy to oblige.

Of course, my Mr. wasn’t the only one celebrating . . .

Nope.  Pauly D got in on the action too . . .

As did Deenie the Magic Maker . . . go ahead and try to wipe that smile off his face!

Overall, great times.  Even for those in our crew that were routing for the Brady Bunch.

So there you have it.  The Bills are #1 in the AFC East.  Alone at the top.  Any bets on how long it will last?  Should Mr. Bunches buy his tickets now to the Superbowl?

This post brought to you by the Buffalo Bills, Wilson, and Doritos.

Oh, and for those of you wondering–yes, our house survived Idiot Nation.  Just barely.  Of course, I’m not sure Buffalo did, but that’s a story for another time and place . . . 🙂

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.  Guess what’s happening this weekend?!  An all-out idiot convention at our home . . . That’s right–the Mr.’s idiots (that’s just my loving term for them–they really are great guys) will be descending upon our house for some merriment prior to the main Buffalo attraction on Sunday . . .

Yessiree–the undefeated Bills versus the undefeated Patriots.  Who will be the last team standing?  Last year, we watched the game in Gillette Stadium and managed to find some devoted Bills fans, e.g. Superfan Ken Johnson.

For some reason, I also decided to sport a gangsta look for the game.  Not entirely sure where I was going with this, but at least I was buckled up for safety, right?

All in all, it was a good time had by all . . .

. . . although despite cheers from arguably one of the Bills’ biggest fans . . .

Somehow the Bills still lost (which meant my Patriots won–hooray!  Sorry Mr. Bunches).

But who knows what will happen this Sunday.  And with so many idiots in town, anything’s possible.  We’ll have Olsen . . .

Along with an assortment of the other idiots . . . Mr. Rockstar and Mr. Holoholo of Aloha Party fame . . .

. . . Deenie the Magic Maker . . .

. . . and others as yet to be determined (RSVPs would be nice boys . . . ).

Oh, and don’t worry–I don’t plan on being totally outnumbered.  My sis and her hubby will also be flying in for the festivities . . . thank goodness.  At least I won’t be the only one holding down the estrogen fort.

So who’s it going to be . . . Bills or Patriots?  Will the idiots prove themselves victorious?  Or will I be the last woman Patriot fan standing?  Take our poll to tell us what you think (all you have to do is click a button–it’s simple, so don’t be scared.  Just click.  I know you can do it.  C’mon.  Try it.  You might like it.)


That’s right kids . . . we got a BRAND NEW CAR! (You have to say it in your head just like Bob Barker every single time.)

Of course, sadly, we didn’t actually win a BRAND NEW CAR on the Price is Right.  Sigh.  But, we did buy one.  Where you ask?  Where did we get our BRAND NEW CAR? (You’re still saying it like Bob Barker, right?  Good.)

Why Cleveland, duh!  I mean, it’s only 3.5 hours from Buffalo, so that’s nothing!  (I actually had no idea we lived that close to Cleveland . . . I’m not sure what significance that may have in the future, but still–it’s good to know that if we needed to get to Cleveland, we could.  And in only 3.5 hours.  Still not sure how that’s useful, but somehow it sort of feels like it is.)

I realized too late on our road trip that I should probably have taken one of these shots earlier as this is highly deceptive.

So yep–to Cleveland we drove.  And then we drove right through it.  So here’s a quick fly-by shot.

Cleveland.  Check.

Eventually we arrived at the dealership (they gave us the best price by far, so it was worth the trip) and picked up our BRAND NEW CAR.  We did the whole purchase via email and the phone, so thankfully we didn’t have to do any haggling.  And actually, by “we” I mean the Mr.  He took care of the whole thing while I was in Texas having a kitchen reno party with my sister.  Isn’t he just the best?

Okay, so are you just itching to find out what our BRAND NEW CAR is?  Are you on the edge of your seat?  Can you really believe that we bought a BRAND NEW CAR?  Can you tell that I just like saying BRAND NEW CAR (always in my best Bob Barker voice)?  Alright, well here it is:

TA-DA!  That’s right–our BRAND NEW CAR is a Subaru Outback.  Isn’t it purty?  We love it.  The Mr. especially.  He just can’t get enough.

We had to squeeze it into the garage the first night because the Mr. refused to let it sit in the driveway.

And yes–that might as well be an advertisement for Ganley Subaru, but we don’t mind–they were so great to deal with.  If you ever find yourself in Cleveland and want to buy a BRAND NEW CAR, we recommend Sarah from Ganley Subaru.

Oh, and for those of you who are observant out there, you may have noticed that there’s quite a bit of stuff in our garage.  Well, that’s because we’ve finally moved into our new home!  Yep–last week, on the same day we drove to Cleveland and back with our BRAND NEW CAR, we also rented a U-Haul and moved our stuff from Moose’s warehouse to our new place.  Yeah, we’re over-achievers like that.

And yes–that’s pretty much all of our stuff.  What can I say?  The Mr. is a minimalist and he’s been rubbing off.  But more on our new home soon.  There are lots of exciting things to share, so stay tuned.  But I didn’t want to distract any attention away from our BRAND NEW CAR, so that’s why this post is dedicated to only that.

Anyone else have a BRAND NEW CAR?  Do you also feel the need to do a Bob Barker impersonation every time you get in it?  Any thoughts on our choice?  I wanted a Prius, but I think the Subaru Outback, with AWD, will probably be a better choice for surviving the winters in Buffalo, and I have to say I’m super happy with it.  And I’m super happy that I now have a legitimate reason for doing Bob Barker impressions.

Do you prefer Dark or Light?

Do you prefer dark . . .

Or light . . . ?

Images from here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here.

I have less than a week to make this decision and I need your help.  See, I know that dark will potentially show more dirt, dust, and pet hair (of course, we don’t have any pets and we aren’t planning on getting any in the foreseeable future–sorry!).  But I also love the richness of it.  And with the light option, well, considering that our floors are 3/8″ thick red oak, I’m just worried that they’ll end up looking too orange-y over time and I know I don’t like that.  But we had light floors in our old condo, and they did hide dirt pretty well.  What to do, what to do.  Sorry to be going over this again, but it’s a BIG decision, and I don’t want to make it too hastily.

Although, I have made one decision at least–the refinishing method.  Most hardwood floors nowadays get refinished with one coat of stain (if changing the color) and then three coats of polyurethane–that’s called a gym-floor finish.  However, back in the day floors were treated with a penetrating oil and then waxed.  Both are good finishes, but the penetrating oil and wax combo has the added benefit of being especially durable.  For instance, if you have stained floors with polyurethane and you somehow scratch your floors, well, since the stain is only on the surface, you’ll have to have the whole area redone.  However, with a penetrating oil, the stain is soaked deep into the wood, so scratches won’t show.  Plus, if the floors need to be touched up, you just have to buff them with a new coat of wax instead of stripping the old poly and applying new poly.  So, with all that said, we’ve decided to go with a penetrating oil combined with a wax finish.  Sidenote: I wanted to use Rubio Monocoat, a no-VOC one-coat finish from Belgium, but no refinishers in the Buffalo area have used it before, and the Mr. and I are not up to doing something this big on our own.  BUT, with that being said, anyone out there used Monocoat and had success?  If so, do share!

So while making at least one decision is most definitely a step in the right direction, that still doesn’t help me with the color decision.  Luckily, our hardwood guy came over and did up some samples for us:

All three of these were one coat of Duraseal Penetrating Finish with a coat of polyurethane (not quite dry yet, hence the blotchiness and sort of wet look in the dark brown option).  Now, he didn’t have any wax with him (nowadays apparently not many people know enough to ask for it, but he used the stain and wax method in his own home and loves the results), so he just used some poly to show me how that looked (this was before I had decided on wax).

The color on the left is Antique Brown.

The middle is Natural:

And the right is either Golden Brown or Chestnut (I’m not sure which and since it’s definitely my least favorite, I’m not sure it even matters):

Compared to the current shade of varnish orange, all are an improvement.

He also did a patch of just bare wood with polyurethane (instead of first using the Duraseal Natural and then poly):

It’s pretty similar to the current condition of the floor, although not as orange, but more honey-colored.  Still, over time, I’m worried that it will become orange.  UGH!  I can’t decide.  Here are some more angles:

So what do you think?  If you have an opinion, please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts.  I need all the help I can get on this one.


Goodbye Boston, Hello Buffalo!


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