Come and Get It!

The person that lived in our new property left quite a bit of, uh, stuff. (That’s the G-rated word I’ll use to describe it anyways.) And while there really wasn’t that much (it wasn’t like an episode of Hoarders or anything), there were quite a few appliances left behind and our backs ached just thinking about how we were going to get them out of the house.  Lucky for us there are people all over craigslist willing to take scrap metal off your hands for free. So in one day we managed to get 7 major appliances removed from our house.  And we didn’t have to lift a finger. 

They also took all kinds of random bits and pieces–rusted out fans, pipes, metal chairs, etc. Basically anything with some metal in it. And we were happy to give. 

But even though we had the big stuff removed for free, there was still quite a bit of other junk. Dirty, dusty, and in some cases moldy, junk. So in the interest of time (and our health), we hired a clean up crew to empty out the basement (that’s where most of the stuff was–the previous owners actually removed almost everything on the main floor). 

It wasn’t exactly cheap, but considering that they emptied the basement (including demoing some walls, power washing the walls and floors, and hauling away everything) AND they did it one day, it was totally worth it.  I actually thought we might have been able to do it ourselves, but when I saw the haul after only a few hours of them working, I knew we made the right decision. 

Even though everything in there was basically garbage, we did salvage a few things . . . I love old milk bottles and this one was in great shape.



And there was a set of 8 vintage Golden Harvest drinking jars in perfect condition. 


Not bad, right? And those were all stored in the basement which, believe it or not, was actually the cleanest part of the house.  

It’s so nice to at least be able to start with a (relatively) clean slate . . . 

The cleanup crew will return to take their blowers and dehumidifiers. And then we’ve got to get a new hot water heater and a boiler in before the Buffalo winter really gets going. Did I mention before that the previous owner took the boiler out? Sigh. That’s the risk with a foreclosure though, right?

Up next: what we’ve accomplished upstairs in less than a week!


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