Good Luck Eating

No, I’m not wishing you good luck in your eating endeavors (I’m guessing since you’ve got reading down, then you’ve probably mastered chewing and swallowing).  Nope–this post is all about a great eating discovery that the Mr. and I made (well, I actually made the discovery, but I’ll share the limelight with my Mr. B): Good Luck Restaurant in Rochester’s Village Gate (an artsy area with restaurants, studios, and shops).  The restaurant itself is in an old warehouse . . .

We liked the vibe right from the beginning–no sign (good thing we knew the address or we might have not been able to find it), low-key, unpretentious.  Just check out the candles lighting the stairs . . .

Love the Ball jar!  And then the bulletin board upon walking in the front door . . .

Pretty rad vintage pictures, don’t you think?

Luckily we made reservations since it was a Saturday night and it was B-U-S-Y.  The place was bumpin’–no joke.  They have a large bar, a chef’s table in the kitchen (um, yes please?  Of course, you need a minimum of 6 to reserve the chef’s table–any locals interested?  Just let us know . . . ), and then a good-sized dining room.  All the tables were different, but rustic; each chair was wood, but a different shape.  Kind of like Monica’s kitchen set from Friends, except not painted . . .

Oh, and check out the dark wood floors–sort of raw and unfinished with just stain thrown on haphazard-like.  Love them!  Which of course means I’m still confused about what direction we should go with our floors.  Oh well, more food for thought, right?  (Yeah, that was a pun.  Deal.)

I bet you also noticed the amazing chalkboard menu wall too, right?

Totally amazing, right?

Much better than my attempt at Big Guy’s back in Boston, but oh well–this gives me something to aspire too in case we ever go down the food road again . . . never say never, right?

The tables were set simply, with all the tools you’d need to serve a family meal . . .

. . . which was a good thing since the food all came family-style.  Yep–everything on the menu comes out of the kitchen whenever it’s ready, and everything’s served to the center of the table for passing and sharing.  Like I said before–totally unpretentious and low-key.  And yet the menu is anything but just your standard simple fare . . .

The most difficult thing about Good Luck was trying to decide what to get.  But we managed.

First up?  Drinks.  Duh.  The Mr. had himself a cold one . . .

. . . while I opted for a glass of wine.

We could have brought our own bottle for a $10 corkage fee (or you can bring a bottle on Thursday nights when there’s NO corkage fee), but the Mr. wasn’t feeling wine.  Next time.  Then we placed our order for food and got the warning from our waitress that things come out when they’re ready, not necessarily in the order that we ordered them.  We said, “No problem.”  After all, we were in no rush.  And it kind of made the meal exciting–what was going to come out next?!  Yeah, I know–not that exciting for most, but for us, it was right up there with the Royal Wedding.   We’re talking edge of your seats exciting :).

First thing to make it to our table? The Mesclun Greens with avocado vinaigrette . . . can we say ridiculously yummy?

And of course, that’s when the serving tools came in handy.  Up next?  Well, we opted for the chef’s choice small charcuterie plate–two meats, two cheeses of the chef’s choosing.  With accompaniments of course.  Ours ended up being Manchego (a favorite from our honeymoon in Spain), Camembert, Duck Confit, and house-made Chorizo (bonus!  another fav from our honeymoon).  Oh, plus some honeyed blueberries and a roasted onion jam.  Mm-mm-good!

My favorite combo?  The creamy Camembert with blueberries on a baguette.  The Mr.’s?  Manchego, Chorizo, and Duck Confit on bread.  Basically, it was all fantastic.  I could have just eaten another Charcuterie plate, but we had more goodness on its way . . .

Any guesses?  No?  Okay, I’ll spill it–that’s the Braised Oxtail with Tripe and Tomato Sauce.  Yeah–we ate tripe.  And it was good.  How’s that for exciting eats, huh?!

At this point, we were pretty comfortably full, but we had one more item on its way . . .

I forgot to take a picture of it before we attacked it served ourselves, but it’s the Grilled Lamb Sausage with Roasted Fingerling Potatoes.  It had quite a kick, but that didn’t stop us . . .

Yeah, let’s just say we were Gold Star members of the Clean Plate Club that night.

So there you have it!  Gourmet dining in Rochester?  Check!  Of course, we’re definitely going to have to go back before our big move to Buffalo (let’s just say we were drooling over some of our fellow diners’ food–you should’ve seen the 1 pound burger served family style!) . . . maybe even on a Thursday?  Good Luck finding someplace better (get it?)!  Ha!

Vegas–Take Two

Our trip with Blue Monkey Mike ended in Vegas, so of course we had to go out in style.  And since I have a sister who basically invented style, she and her beau were our go-to’s (plus, it was my sister’s birthday the day we arrived in Vegas, so what better place to celebrate, right?).  We decided to get a room at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, one of the newest (and in our opinion, the MOST luxurious) hotels on the strip.

Notice the balconies in that picture?  Almost all the rooms have balconies–one of the many things that makes the hotel unique.

Cosmopolitan Balcony

And the rooms?  I think my sister said it best with simply, “This is the best hotel room I’ve ever seen . . . ” (and coming from her, that’s saying A LOT).

Yeah, we not only had our own private balcony, but also a living room, mini kitchen (complete with a dishwasher!), a massive closet and dressing area, jacuzzi tub, separate shower, two huge TVs that controlled everything from the lighting to the room temperature (there were settings for romance as well as party–not only did the lights change, but so did the music), and all the hip accessories to make you wish you were that cool.

Colored pencils?!  Yes–colored pencils.

But I think my favorite parts were the hidden surprises . . . like the toilet room with it’s amazing wallpaper that made you look twice:

There’s nothing like some naked lady silhouettes when you’re in the loo, eh?

But hands-down my favorite was the closets . . . are you ready?!

(That’s all leather trim by the way.)  Shall I open them for you?

How fantastic slash creepy is that wallpaper?!  I totally want to do this to the closets in our master bedroom–what do you think?  Quick post update–I found this wallpaper!  It’s Tema e Variazioni Wallpaper by Cole and Son in their Fornasetti Collection and costs about $100 per roll. 

Okay, but enough about the Cosmopolitans’ rooms–they were just the beginning.  The hotel also had fabulous restaurants and shops.  To celebrate my sister’s 21st (sort of) birthday, we dined at Blue Ribbon Sushi Bar & Grill which was truly outstanding . . . both the food and the service were excellent.

We then let my sis and her beau have some alone time while we went and met up with a couple locals . . .

Yep, just a couple of the Mr.’s buddies . . . you may remember Matt from Vacation Bunches’ last trip to Vegas:

I’m not sure if he’s the one on the right or the left . . . but either way he was in town “on business” and so we met him and Taylor out for a drink at Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill at Harrah’s (sidenote: if you want to do some country line dancing next time you’re visiting Sin City, this is your place).

Of course, I got tired pretty quickly, so the boys walked me back to the Cosmopolitan and then decided to put on their gambling pants for a bit (and by a bit, I mean until 4 AM; no worries, though–they both came out winners that night).  Apparently, this was where it all went down (yep–that’s a private table for high rollers at the Cosmo; in short–don’t ask):

The next morning started with brunch at the Cosmopolitan’s amazing buffet, Wicked Spoon (you may remember that we visited it on our last trip to Vegas), and we couldn’t wait to get back in there.

We were pretty hungry once we arrived since you have to walk practically a mile to get there (the hotel is H-U-G-E), and there was some enticing artwork along the way . . . chocolate shoes?  Yes please!

Oh, and there were these old-school cigarette machines called Artomat that sold mini art from Etsy artists . . . how cool is that?  (The Mr. bought me two–isn’t he sweet?)

The walk also lent itself to some out-of-the-ordinary photo ops that my sister totally rocked . . .

Yeah, we were a bit ridiculous.

All that posing though really worked up our appetites.  Good thing it was all you could eat . . .

Cheese polenta with roasted mushrooms, mac and cheese, a pork bun (far right above), polish sausage, and some shortribs and pasta (hiding under the lid).  Not to mention the beet salad!!  Love, love, love me some beet salad (gotta give a quick shout-out to Joanne for introducing me to the wonderful world of beets) . . .

Beet Salad at Wicked Spoon

Oh, and the dessert bar?  Yeah–I hit that.

Wicked Spoon Dessert Bar

After we rolled out of left Wicked Spoon, we decided to walk the strip a little.

And found ourselves at Sugar, the posh sweet spot in Paris Las Vegas.

They had every type of sweet imaginable: from the world’s largest gummy bear . . .

World's Largest Gummy Bear

. . . to everything in bulk you could possibly ever want (including a Happy Birthday lollipop shout-out for my sis):

Even Jeremiah found something . . . looks like my sister was going to be getting an extra-special birthday treat.

Sugar Candy Underwear

I think she may have been more entranced, though, by the cupcakes on display . . . sorry Jeremiah!

Sugar Cupcakes

What a fun store, huh?

It even put the Mr. in a dancing kind of mood (sugar rushes tend to do that for him) . . .

After we got our fill of sweet sugary goodness, we headed back to the Cosmopolitan to say goodbye :(.  But first, we did a bit more marveling at all the swankiness that the Cosmo had to offer (and we may or may not have gotten a backstage tour of the most popular day and night club in the world, Marquee Las Vegas–sometimes opening the unlabeled doors in a hotel has its perks).  But sorry, no pictures of that–I was too scared wowed.  But here’s the ground level of the Cosmopolitan’s Chandelier Bar, an amazing three-story bar that makes it feel like you’re literally sitting inside a chandelier.

Chandelier Bar

The Bond Bar also had some cool bits and pieces, although I’m sure it’s much more lively at night than when we were tooling around . . .

Bond Bar Gaming

Love this wall treatment . . .

Alright, so that’s all she wrote . . . I’ll leave you with this image of the Grand Canyon from our flight home.  Sigh.

Blue Belly Grill

Blue Monkey Expeditions just keeps delivering, but this time, instead of amazing vistas and soul-satisfying hikes, it’s fabulous food.  Our welcome dinner was held at the Blue Belly Grill at Zion Ponderosa Ranch, and it totally blew us away.

I’m still kicking myself for not bringing my camera to dinner to photograph the amazing array of food that Executive Chef Francis prepared for us, but it’s probably for the best–if you saw pictures, you’d be starving for it . . . we started with Buffalo Nachos (yep, with Bison meat), a farm-fresh crudite with chipotle dip (it included the best-tasting carrots I’ve ever had, and also re-introduced me to jicama . . . yum!), and home-made grilled flatbread with an olive oil dipping sauce (basically a combination of all things perfect in this world).

The salad course was next with a choice of a chipotle ceasar salad (amazing, with just a hint of heat) or a bowl of baby greens with a blue cheese viniagrette (dynamite–a crowd favorite for sure).  Chef Francis then surprised us with her Besos Calientes (that’s “hot kisses” for those of you non-Spanish speakers) which was a huge shrimp wrapped in bacon and grilled with a spicy barbeque dipping sauce.  FAN-TAS-TIC.

Entree choices included salmon, organic chicken, or steak, and all rivaled the most gourmet preparations I’ve ever had.  I’m getting hungry just thinking about it again . . .   And then, as if that wasn’t enough, we were served a huge apple crisp (with apples from the farm right down the street) to finish the meal.  Yeah, we had to roll out of there.

Mallorie worked the front of the house, and she was the absolute epitome of a great server (this pic was taken on our last night, from the ranch’s casual restaurant, Gus & Rosey’s).

The nice thing about staying at Zion Ponderosa was that we got to see the same friendly faces at breakfast that we saw at dinner the night before, including both Mallorie and Francis (we grabbed Chef Francis for this shot as she was running back and forth from the kitchen to the dining room).

Everything we ate (breakfasts, lunches, and dinners) at Zion Ponderosa was wonderful, and I think that’s because Chef Francis had a hand in all of it ;).  Here’s a shot of the casual dining room at the end of a dinner service . . .

So if you find yourself visiting Zion National Park, I highly recommend taking a drive out to the Blue Belly Grill–you’ll definitely be happy you did!

Westward and Onward

To celebrate the acceptance of the offer on our soon-to-be home, we’ve headed west!  Okay, so maybe we had this trip planned for months, and it was just really coincidental that it started the day our offer was accepted, but either way . . . we’re in the midst of adventouring (yep, that’s another homemade word by yours truly; deal with it).  So far, the trip has been AMAZING, thanks to our fantastic tour guide, Blue Monkey Expeditions.

Blue Monkey Adventours

Blue Monkey picked us up from the Paris in Las Vegas after we (of course) sampled yet another buffet at Le Village BuffetQuick side note: don’t do the Paris breakfast buffet; at $15.99 per person, it’s most definitely not worth it.  You’re much better going across the Strip to the new Cosmopolitan hotel for a couple bucks more (I think $17.99) at the Wicked Spoon and eating food that you can’t prepare yourself at home.  Last time we were in Sin City, that’s what we did and it was totally worthwhile; unlike this sad shot:

Skip it

But enough about Vegas; Sin City was just the starting point for our adventure, which began when Mike and Carrie picked us up in the travel van . . .

Blue Monkey Rider
We met our other adventourers (10 in total, including us) and quickly became friendly in the way that only happens when traveling in a van over a long distance with strangers.  We headed to Zion National Park, where our first stop was at the Kolob Canyons.

Yep, it was basically Gorgeous with a capital G.  We did a short hike up Timber Creek Trail and had a picnic lunch along the way.

The Mr. himself was pretty excited . . .

And look how sweet our guides looked at the first stop . . .

We even managed to catch a glimpse of some of the local wildlife, which only wet our appetites for sightings of more critters later in the trip . . .

This was such a great way to get a taste of hiking Zion before we embarked on a full-day adventure in the heart of the park the next day.  Of course, to get to our resort, we had to drive all the way through Zion, and that was difficult–at every turn we just wanted to jump out of the van and soak in our surroundings, but we had to press on . . .

The drive itself meandered through the park, and included a pitch-black mile-long tunnel!  Boy were we glad that Mike handled the twists and turns so well!  Every way we looked was awe-inspiring . . . check out the moon’s cameo in this shot:

We eventually arrived at Zion Ponderosa Resort, where we would be staying for three nights.  It was tucked away in the canyons surrounding Zion and was truly a remarkable place . . . great food, mini golf, campfires, ziplines, ATVs, barn dances, cabins–you name it, and they had it.  The place is owned by the founder of JetBlue, but you’d never know it from being there.

The staff was outstanding, and our cabin couldn’t have been more cozy . . .

Doesn’t the Mr. just look so outdoorsy?!  Blue Monkey totally outdid themselves and picked a great place to call home for a few days.

Okay, so more tomorrow on Zion, Bryce Canyon, and even Lake Powell (we’re in Lake Powell now) . . . but for now, I’ve got to go get my adventouring on (I think if I use the word enough, then it’ll catch on–what do ya’ think?). 🙂

ADK Adventure

Housing update from yesterday: no official word that we’ve got it, but the listing agent seemed agreeable to our offer and she’s just trying to get in touch with the board of directors for the church.  Sooo, we’ve scheduled a home inspection for when we get back (we leave tonight for a whirlwind trip out west–don’t worry, I’ll post all about it, hopefully along the way).  It’s looking good, but we’re not counting our chickens yet.  We’ll be sure to post as soon as we hear anything.

In other news, we’ve been busy enjoying everything that Upstate New York has to offer . . . we’ve taken two recent trips: one to Niagara Falls (more on that later) and another to the Adirondacks. . . ADK to the locals in the know (those are the ones with the 3-lettered stickers on their cars).  Our friend Dana was awesome enough to invite us to spend Memorial Day Weekend with her and her family at their home estate near Old Forge, NY.  It was blissful.

Fourth Lake view

It started with a tour of summers past by Dana and her cousin Gabe.  We got the full show, starting with the little island that they used to hang out at before they built their new home . . . 

 Private Island

Isn’t that cool?  It’s part of Rocky Point Properties, a condo community that also includes a beach, volleyball courts, tennis (I think?), and the condos can all be rented out.  The Mr. felt right at home . . .

Mr. at Rocky Point

And Dana slipped back into old times . . .

Dana Chillaxing


From there, we traveled on to the haunted hotel . . . legend (aka, our guides Dana and Gabe) has it that a young couple rented the entire hotel long ago for their honeymoon.  One night, the groom murdered his bride by tossing her out an upstairs window, and the place has been spooky ever since.  So yeah, we were basically uber brave when we threw caution to the wind and decided to take some posed shots on the Inn’s lawn:

Woods Inn--No Ghosts Today

And apparently there are some that don’t believe the haunted tale since the Inn was hosting a wedding that day (you can see the white chairs set up in the picture above).  Hopefully there won’t be a repeat of history . . .

Now that we were officially scared humored, it was time for a sweet treat.  On to Northern Lights, aka BEST SOFT-SERVE EVER (as voted by Dana and her family).  It’s located in the little town of Inlet (don’t blink or you’ll miss it).

Inlet Founded 1902

The creamery had just opened for the season, so we were some of the first customers for the year! 

Northern Lights

It was delish.  Chocolate soft-serve mixed with oreos and chocolate chips?  With a dash of patriotism?!  Yes, please!

Northern Lights Ice Cream

Once we ate devoured our ice cream, the tour concluded where it had begun, at the work-in-process home on Fourth Lake.

Family Estate

The house is fantastic–I wish I had a before picture to post, but they basically have renovated the entire thing and it’s truly a family affair (Dana’s parents, aunts, and uncles have done most of the work themselves). 

Kitchen Ceiling

Aren’t the railings amazing?  They were made by a local artisan and definitely capture that Adirondacks feel . . .


We spent much of our time at the house . . . relaxing, reading, eating, drinking, s’moresing (yep, that’s a word), and helping Dana’s family get some stuff done around the house.  The Mr. and I shellaced their swing set, and then the Mr. braved the frigid water to help put in the dock.

Dock Installation

Brrr.  I was able to put my toes in, but that was as far as I got.  Apparently it takes a few weeks before the water warms up.  Good thing the Mr. was way braver, huh? 

Finished Dock

Instead of helping, I captured some family-fun time between Dana and her littlest cousin Nicholas:


He and his brother were pretty hysterical and loved hamming it up for the camera.

Don’t you love the missing front tooth?  Kind of gives him a pirate vibe . . .

Once the dock was in, the rest of the time was just spent relaxing and enjoying the time away from the hustle that is our lives recently.

Like I said, there was s’moresing (I even managed to bring a new twist to the campfire that I learned from my soon-to-be-sister-in-law in Florida: spread both graham crackers with peanut butter, then add the chocolate bar and lay out a piece of aluminum foil big enough to wrap up the s’more.  Toast your marshmallow in the fire as normal, but then sandwich it in between the graham crackers (with pb and chocolate), wrap in the foil, and throw it in the fire, keeping in mind to put it somewhere you can easily retrieve it.  Wait a minute, then take it out of the fire, unwrap, and enjoy.  This method ensures that everything is nice and melty, ooey, and gooey.  Yum.)

We also had some dynamite eats thanks to this guy, the Big Green Egg (and of course Dana’s Italian family made it all happen–gotta love hosts that can serve up a good meal, huh?).  You can apparently cook anything in it, but we had ribs and chicken.  Both were unbelievably good.

Big Green Egg

Thanks again Dana (and her family) for inviting us for the weekend!  We had such a great time!  (And maybe we behaved well enough to be invited back some day?  Hint, hint 😉 )

Fables Cafe

Working in a new city comes with lots of challenges: new coworkers, new procedures, new bosses, etc.  But for me, one of the most challenging things is finding good places to eat.  I know, I know–I’m probably too food-centric for my own good, but dang it, food’s important to me (just ask the Mr. or even Deenie as both have experienced how truly ugly things can get when I’m not fed regularly).  I think my mom and sis can attest as well . . . probably the reason that I was commonly referred to as a grouch.  Sorry everyone!

But, in our hunt for good food, luckily Mr. Bunches is completely on board.  And doubly lucky, he was in Buffalo the other day for work, so we had a little lunch date (seriously though–could we be any cuter?) at Fables Cafe.  The cool thing about it is that it’s located INSIDE the Buffalo Public Library, which basically meant that we got to kill two birds with one stone–find good food, and learn a little about our local public library.  Bonus.  The place was pretty crowded, and considering we didn’t get there until 1:30, that’s saying something.  Sidenote: Here’s an important lesson for everyone from people who used to operate a food establishment (meaning us): ONLY EAT AT CROWDED RESTAURANTS.  It means that the food turns over, which means the food is fresh.  Okay, consider yourself educated

The Mr. had the special sandwich of the day (a chicken panini); all the sandwiches came with either the house salad or homemade chips AND a cookie.  Mmmm . . . cookies.

Chicken Panini

I had a salad with a crabcake (why I got a crabcake in Buffalo, I don’t know, but it actually was pretty good.  It was no Baltimore crabcake, but it was definitely better than any crabcake I ever had in Boston, which of course isn’t saying much since I never ordered crabcakes in Boston due to what seemed to be a strange New England definition of a crabcake being basically a breadcrumb puck).

Crabcake Salad

So overall, we gave it two thumbs up.  Would we dine again?  Surely.  Would I try something else?  Probably–the crabcake salad was great, but definitely not one of those meals that you can’t wait to order again.  Was the cookie a nice touch?  ABSOLUTELY.

Oh, and what did we learn during our visit to the library?  Well, did you know that MARK TWAIN spent much of his life in Buffalo?! Seriously–did anyone know that?!  We definitely didn’t.  The library actually has a whole dedicated room to Mr. Samuel Clemens–pretty cool, huh?  Of course, apparently we were the only two who thought so; no one else seemed to even glance at it.  But whatever–we were pumped.

Oscar image from here.

Quinoa Salad

Quick house-hunt update: there’s no new news.  Apparently, things move slower in Upstate New York.  I’m trying to be patient.  Trying being the operative word there.

So with no housing news, instead, here’s a great quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) recipe adapted from an old Gourmet magazine . . . since I’ve been away all week, I made this last Sunday so that the Mr. had something healthy to eat while I was gone (and didn’t just make a run for the border 😉 ).  Quinoa is one of the newly touted super foods–it’s a complete protein, which means it has all nine essential amino acids, and better than even that: it tastes good.  It’s a great replacement for boring (and, quite frankly, bad-for-you white rice), so I recommend giving it a try.  The Mr. and I are most definitely hooked on the stuff.

Quinoa Salad Yields 4-6 main course servings, 8 side-dish servings.


  • 1 cup quinoa (I used the organic kind from Costco)
  • 2 cups black beans (if from a can, then drain and rinse the beans)
  • 1 1/2 tbsp apple cider vinegar (I would have used red wine vinegar like the original recipe called for, but this was all I had available)
  • 1 1/2 cups cooked corn (from 2 ears)
  • 2 finely chopped green bell peppers
  • one bunch green onions, chopped
  • one pint cherry tomatoes, halved
  • 1/3 cup chopped cilantro

For the dressing

  • 5 tbsp fresh lime juice (from about 3 limes)
  • 1 tsp sea salt
  • 1 1/4 tsp chili powder (or cumin, but again–I used what I had on hand)
  • 1/3 cup olive oil

Special Equipment Needed: Large Fine Sieve, like this one (the quinoa is so fine that you can’t use a regular strainer)


1. Cook the quinoa as described in the original recipe:  In a bowl wash quinoa in at least 5 changes cold water, rubbing grains and letting them settle before pouring off most of water, until water runs clear and drain in a large fine sieve.

Wash the quinoa

2.  In a saucepan of salted, boiling water cook quinoa 10 minutes. Drain quinoa in sieve and rinse under cold water. Set sieve over a saucepan of boiling water (quinoa should not touch water) and steam quinoa, covered with a kitchen towel and lid, until fluffy and dry, about 10 minutes (check water level in kettle occasionally, adding water if necessary).

Steam the Quinoa

3. While the quinoa’s cooking, prepare your vegetables . . . chop the green onions (using the whole onion–the white, light green, and dark green parts):

Chopped Green Onions

. . . cut the corn off the cobs (only after cooking the corn first, duh) . . .

Corn off the cob

. . . slice the green peppers and then chop them into small 1/2 inch pieces . . .

Sliced Green Peppers

. . . and halve the cherry tomatoes:

Halved Cherry Tomatoes

4. Add the vinegar (either apple cider, red wine, or even balsamic–just whatever you have on hand) to a bowl with the black beans and season with fresh ground pepper.  I had cooked a bag of dried black beans a few weeks earlier and froze 2-cup portions, so I just added the vinegar and let the beans defrost while I prepared everything else.

Black Beans

5. Transfer quinoa to a large bowl and let cool.  Then add the corn, black beans, green onions, tomatoes, green peppers, and chopped cilantro.  Toss well to combine.

Quinoa with Veggies

6. Prepare your dressing: whisk together the lime juice, salt, and chili powder (or cumin) until combined.  Slowly add olive oil in a stream while constantly whisking.

Quinoa Salad Dressing

7. Drizzle dressing over salad and toss well to combine.  Refrigerate salad if not serving immediately.  Bring to room temperature before serving.  Optional: before serving, add two chopped avocados and toss well.  Enjoy!


Goodbye Boston, Hello Buffalo!


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