Future Astronauts

We didn’t know exactly when we wanted to make this announcement, but given Sir Branson’s recent christening, we finally decided it was time. You see, we’ve been saving for years in order to give our kids the ultimate life experience: space travel. And now we’ve finally heard from Virgin Galactic and it’s official! Mini B and Baby B are going to be two of the first commercial astronauts!!

We’ve taken out second mortgages on our properties and sunk all our savings into their $250,000 tickets, but it will all be worth it 15 years from now when they board the USS Unity and head off on the biggest adventure of the 21st century. 

So there it is–our secret’s out of the bag. Phew. 

Oh, and one more thing: HAPPY APRIL FOOL’s DAY!!!!

But can you believe that some people really have already spent $250k on this?! 

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