Insulation is In

Contractor Steve has been busy insulating the kitchen and bath. Hard to believe, but when Mr. Bunches demo’ed there was NO insulation in any of the exterior walls. There was at least some in the ceiling, but come on! This is Western NY for crying out loud! Insulation is a must. So at least now we had the opportunity to do the right thing and add insulation to all the exterior walls, including the wall between the kitchen and the attached garage. 

It’s already feeling warmer in there.  Although, since it’s a brick house, it hasn’t been drafty at all. Sure, we need new windows and that’s on our to do list, but the house feels pretty cozy regardless. 

Things are starting to really come together in the kitchen, and my only concern right now is that the pendant light might not be centered over the window.  See how the light box looks a bit off?

If it is, we’ll just have to figure out a different light option. No big heartburn. 

And still my favorite part of this kitchen–the Dutch door to the sunroom. Can’t wait to get it all painted and cleaned up with some new hardware. 

Now that the insulation is up, it’s drywall time. And again, Steve is all over it–it’s sitting in the living room, ready to hang.

Next time I post pics of the kitchen, it will be looking more like the plain white box we need so that the innards can actually be installed. 



2 Responses to Insulation is In

  1. George Hage says:

    Coming along. Looks great.

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  2. Pam Hage says:

    Yay!!! Lookin good!

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