Kitchen Demo: Part One

As promised, it’s time to share the progress of our kitchen renovation. As soon as we stepped in the house for the first time, we knew this kitchen would have to be a complete gut job. 

It’s still hard for me to stomach that someone actually lived here with the ceiling in that condition. I actually think it’s crazy. The good news, though, is that whatever caused that to happen to the ceiling appears to have been repaired. We went over there one day during a massive rainstorm and not a drop of water was coming through, so I think we’re good. Although we’re still planning to have our roofer come over to check it out. 

We got an estimate to demo the kitchen and bathroom and put up new drywall–it was $2,500. And since we only got one estimate, we have no idea if that was high or low. Either way, Mr. Bunches figured he could at least tackle some of the demo himself.  We knew the cabinets, floors, wall tiles, drywall, and soffits would all be coming out. But we also knew we wanted to tear down the wall between the kitchen and dining/living room.  Open concept is the name of the game these days, so we might as well go for it, right?

Here’s how that wall looked once we got someone to haul out the stove and fridge (read more about that here):


And here’s what it looked like once Mr. B got started on the demo:

He’s really doing an awesome job (I think). He wrestled up all of the floor tiles and then started chiseling off each of the large wall tiles (each one weighs about 10 pounds and we think they’re made of glass?). So basically, it’s been no small feat to get so much done.  And then as if it wasn’t hard enough, the walls are actually drywall covered in a 1/2″ layer of plaster. Awesome, right?  He’s also being extra careful to avoid electrical stuff.  Here’s how that wall looks today (that’s a pocket door on the left):

In addition to working on that one wall, he’s also been tackling the rest of the kitchen. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of one corner; Mr. B has removed the metal cabinets and the bulk of the tile (except the tiles on the soffits). 

And just to show you another example of before and after, here’s the view of the kitchen entrance from the garage/side door as it was a few days after we closed:

And here it is now:

We still have a long way to go in there but we’re making progress. Oh, and if you’re wondering whether that wall we’re planning to remove is load-bearing, the good news is that we don’t think so. We’re not engineers or anything, but the wall doesn’t sit on top of either of the I-Beams in the basement and the beams in the roof are all running parallel to that wall. So I’m pretty sure we’re good to go with taking it down. 

We took a little break from the internal demo work over the past few days to get some stuff accomplished on the exterior (the weather has been unseasonably warm so we wanted to take full advantage). Progress pics of that coming next week . . . 

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