What’s Hiding Under That Carpet?!

If you guessed hardwood floors, well, no such luck. Womp, womp. We definitely thought there would be hardwoods under all that carpet given the era of the house, but we were wrong. The only thing under those carpets was a decimated carpet pad and a subfloor. 


The carpet pad had turned to dust. Literally. Apparently that’s what happens after 60+ years?!


But despite the fact that it was a stinky, messy, and quite frankly gag-worthy job, Mr. Bunches managed to rip out all the flooring in the house in just over a day. By himself!  As he said, “I’m a man! I bet Andi [Bachelorette Season 167] would be all over me.”  I just let him have that one. 

Here are a few more in-progress shots of my man being a man.

I really have to give him a ton of credit, though. He has been getting after it and the progress he’s made is impressive.  Here’s a side-by-side of the cozy sunroom: from the day we first got inside to how it looked on Day 4. 

And here’s a close-up of what that carpet looked like when Mr. B pulled it up:

I don’t even want to know what all that stuff was. Again, you should all be thankful that they haven’t invented smell-a-net yet. I’m pretty sure that the chihuahua used that red carpet as his own pet pad. I’m just thankful that it’s all out of the house. Oh, and I’m thankful that the subfloors are in good shape.  (Given that it’s November now, I figured I should start practicing my thanks.)

Now we’ve got to start prepping the floors, which basically means removing all the nails and staples leftover from the carpet. The prep work is key to making sure that the installation of our new floors goes well. Oh, and since most installers will charge anywhere from $1.50-$2.00/foot for prep work, it’s also a way that we can save ourselves at least $1,500. 

Since my man was able to get so much done in only a couple days, he decided to start on the kitchen demo. Up next? Our progress in removing all. that. tile.  Ugh. 

Even though we’re excited to get a lot done, we’re trying to keep a good balance of house-stuff and the much more important family-stuff. And so we took a break this weekend to enjoy Halloween and our two Disney-themed kiddos. Queen Elsa and Olaf. Love them. 




  1. This is all SO exciting!!! You guys have such incredible taste and hard-core work ethic… the end result will be outstanding!! BUT get that MAN a REAL respirator. No messing around here. Jeremiah is all about them. That is some seriously crazy air in there haha! Miss you guys… wish we could do these projects together!!

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