Baby Bunches: 5 and 6 months

It was bound to happen–monthly posts were going to get delayed. You all knew it. So stop feigning shock. You know me well enough by now to know that I get behind. At this point way behind. Baby Bunches is getting closer to seven months these days, but let’s relive months 5 and 6, eh?

And some others from his five-month shoot:

Happy baby! The only tough part of his turning 5-months was that he went through a sleep regression. So my blissful 8-10 hour stretches at night have vanished, replaced by wake-up calls every few hours. Sigh. 

And now, through the magic of the Internet, Baby Bunches is six months old!

He’s officially a moose.  And he likes to yammer on and on about his thoughts . . . 


His favorite person of all time is his big sister, Mini Bunches. And the feelings are pretty mutual. 




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