Olcott, NY: A Memory Maker

Mr. Bunches always says that one of the greatest things about living in Western NY is how easy it is to go explore new places. There’s no traffic, no congestion, and plenty of parking.  All you need is a WNY native to point you in the right direction and you can end up in some pretty fantastic places. One of our favorites so far has been Olcott, NY.  It’s a tiny town on the shores of Lake Ontario and every time we go we just love it more and more. 

Mr. Bunches’ mom, aka ‘Grandma,’ was the one who tipped us off to this place and so we have her to thank for some of our best memories of Mini Bunches’ childhood so far. You see, there’s a little carnival in Olcott. It’s open all summer (with mostly weekend hours), and it’s designed just for those under 52″ tall.  As long as you’re under the height requirement, then you get to ride all the rides. And each one is only 25 cents!

Isn’t that crazy?! It’s an immaculately clean little park with five kiddie rides and one carousel (that everyone can enjoy) and the prices are all in-line with how much they were in the 50s and 60s.  

There are signs all over the park explaining the origins of the place and how it was brought back to life (sometime in the early 2000s) thanks to the generosity of many area donors. If I wasn’t having so much fun watching Mini B in her glory, then maybe I would’ve read some of those signs and be better equipped now to explain things. But since this place is practically like Disney World to her, I’ve never been able to truly focus on the history. 



And even though there are only six rides and a few carnival games, it has so much charm and the volunteers are so friendly that we have happily spent quite a few evenings there. 


And it constantly amazes us that it’s not crowded. I understand that it’s really only exciting for the 1-4 year old crowd, but there aren’t that many safe yet fun options for that age range so it seems like more people would visit. And it’s only about 35 minutes from Buffalo so it’s not like a big hike.  And even though the rides are just for little ones, there’s a huge park next to it which is an awesome picnic spot. 

And on clear days (like this past weekend), you can even see Toronto across the lake. 

Each time we go, we seem to love it more and more. So thank you Grandma for the introduction. And thank you Olcott for another great season. 



One Response to Olcott, NY: A Memory Maker

  1. George Hage says:

    Great pictures. What a beautiful family. Love Moose/Jiddu Moose

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