Blue Fingers

During our latest quick trip to Boston, we spent all of our time on the South Shore. Since I travelled alone with the kids, I wanted to minimize my moving-around time and so we limited ourselves to seeing family in Scituate. It made for a great trip–we got to spend so much quality time with our family without the hassle of driving all over the place.  And that also meant that we had time to actually do something besides just visit.  And that something was blueberry picking. She loved it. 


She learned the rules quickly: don’t pick the green ones and don’t drop the berries.  She kept reminding everyone of the rules as we went along, and she quickly filled her bucket and then helped everyone else fill theirs. 

The berries were delicious. If only we could have taken all 8 pounds back home on the airplane!

As for Baby B, well, he slept for most of the picking. Turns out blueberry picking wasn’t his bag. But flowers?! Whoo-boy did he like those!

Happy Hump Day!


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