Baby Bunches: Four Months

Time is going way too fast. I know every parent says that, but it is just so true. Baby B is four months old and really showing his personality. He’s super smiley and easy-going, loves to chat, and even sleeps for 10-hour stretches at night (which, btw, affirms for me that the way kids sleep is just something they’re born with–Mini B didn’t sleep through the night until she was 15 months old and we’re the same parents and now we have a kid who’s been sleeping through the night since just over three months. Go figure!). 


He did some traveling this month too. Besides our Camelback adventure, he also flew to Boston and he did tremendously well.  Thank goodness, right?

He’s just such a little love. Sigh. 

That last pose is his best air guitar. 

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