Clowning Around for Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!!



Mini B loves her clown costume (handmade by Aunt J).  She even gave us the “sad clown.”




But only briefly.  The hat was a bit of a challenge for her to keep on, but she loved the rest of the ensemble.  Dressing up is totally her idea of a good time these days . . .








I love that I have such a wonderful, talented Aunt who took time to not only make Mini B’s costume, but also a matching one for Mr. Squishy.

Processed with VSCOcam


If only they could be trick-or-treating together tonight, but maybe next year?  Either way, we love that they’ll be dressed the same even if they’ll be miles apart.





She loved walking in it and crunching leaves.  She just kept going back and forth.





I told her to go stand by the garage so I could take a picture.  She walked over and decided that she should sit down for the pictures.  Her mind is too funny.



Wishing everyone a Happy Halloween!!!!




Processed with VSCOcam


Someone can’t wait to get some candy . . .


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