House Crashing: MO Style

As promised last week, here’s a quick recap of our recent Florida house crash, MO style.  MO has been a frequent blog bomber here on Bunches of Joy (see more on MO here, here, and here), but this time we got to invade his space; his new digs by the beach to be more exact . . .


In fairness, MO’s new digs are a rental and came with some of what you’re about to see (like the valance and letters above).  So not all of this is exactly MO’s taste.  Moving on . . . 

MO is the consummate host–he had lunch prepared for us upon arrival (granted, it was a true bachelor meal of turkey burgers with only McDonald’s ketchup packets as the available condiments, but I must say–it was delicious and much, much appreciated).


He also did a great job entertaining Mini B . . . with kisses, hopping, and apple sauce.





His entertainment for Mr. Squishy was somewhat, er, less appropriate . . .


Oh well.  Luckily Aunt Doodles spared him 🙂 . . .


While MO was entertaining the kids, I had a chance to snoop poke around and get some shots of his little bachelor pad.



It’s quite the beach-ready place.


The best part was the upstairs deck, complete with a picnic table that MO built himself!  Color me impressed.



The pictures don’t do that table justice–it’s HUGE.  Could easily fit 8 people.  Maybe on his next trip to Buffalo he can whittle us a new table?  Mini B would be much obliged.


All in all, it was a short visit, but a great one.  Thanks again for all your hospitality MO!  Oh, and points to anyone who can guess what his home is built of?


Any guesses?  Brick?  Wood?  Fairy Dust?


Seashells!!!!  Ha.  Thanks again MO!  Next time we’re going to drop Mini B off for a long weekend . . . sound good?!  Chickie Chickie Yeah!!!!!



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