Mini Bunches: 8 Months

This month finds me exactly one month behind.  Oops.  But let’s look at some pictures of Mini B on her eight-month birthday while celebrating her nine-month, shall we?  Why yes, we shall.


Now that she’s a crawling fool, it has gotten that much harder to get pictures of her sitting still.  So I’ve had to get creative in order to solicit her attention.


With her propensity to roll every which way, I also had to make our canvas a bit larger.  No longer was she safe on just one chaise.


And she was also way too interested in everything else happening and not her mom making crazy noises while holding the big black camera.


In addition to all the crawling, rolling, and general non-stop moving, Mini B also sprouted another tooth last month.  Of course, you’d think it would be one of her two front teeth, but it wasn’t.  She got one of her lateral incisors first.  Nice, eh?


And in a slight departure from the past monthly updates, I thought I’d go ahead and give a little rundown of what Mini B was up to during her eighth month of life.  She started the month by giving a tour of Niagara Falls to some fantastic visitors . . .



Despite what it looks like in the pictures, it was actually an unseasonably warm day.  It just also happened to be super windy.


Niagara Falls is a perfect place to contemplate life.  Just take it from my cousin . . .



Of course, Mini B just wanted to snuggle in to her dad.


After our super fun visitors, Mini B and I headed to Texas (as you may recall from here).  Mini B spent a lot of time sitting since she still hadn’t mastered crawling (although her army crawl was pretty down pat).


She also spent a lot of time pondering.


But didn’t take herself too seriously.


And of course she hung out with her cousin a lot.


And even played a little game of footsy with Mr. Squishy.


Besides eventually learning to crawl in month 8, Mini B also made some strides in eating.  Lots of yummies.  Lots of mess.



She went through a bit of a phase where she only wanted to eat Cheerios, but the positive of that was she really honed her pincer grasp.




I was actually worried for a little while that she might turn into a Cheerio.




There you have it–Mini B’s eighth month.  Or, in other words, the Month of the Cheerio.

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  1. A parent at our school started a charity in Ethiopia that shelters “babies abandoned in the bush to (ahem), because their teeth came in an order other than the ordinary”. No kidding. So I’m glad my beautiful, perfect, wonderful (add a million other words of praise here) niece was NOT born in the bush in Ethiopia. Although I’m sure if she had been left with a box of cheerios, she would have survived just fine… Miss you all. Love, Auntie E (whose teeth also came in in an extraordinarily odd order)

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