Leather or Glass?

Guess what today is? You don’t know? C’mon–I thought you knew us well enough by now. I’m disappointed in you. Seriously, I am. So disappointed that I might not even tell you what today is. How do you like that? Doesn’t feel good, does it? Well, now I guess we’re all disappointed.

Okay, okay, I’ll tell you–but just for Mr. Bunches’ sake, not yours–it’s our anniversary!!! That’s right, the big 0-3 (check out the big 0-2 here). Which, if you’re up on your wedding anniversary gifts, then you probably already knew that from the post title (traditional gift = leather, modern gift = glass). So which will Mr. B get? Who knows . . . but I’m guessing that since I’m swamped with work and Mini B, probably neither? Oops. How about a smile instead?


Still not enough?  Okay, then how about a kiss?


Happy Anniversary Mr. Bunches!!!!  I love you.

Wedding Photos 233

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