Mini Bunches: 7 Months

As today is Mini B’s eight-month birthday, I am officially a month behind.  Oops.


Why the orange and blue?  Because we had a little UVA-related celebration in January . . . I’ve been playing fantasy football as a fundraiser for the Virginia Men’s Rowing Team for quite a few years.  And my biggest achievement to date in the league has been garnering respect for my oh-so-witty team names (the best was BADONKADONK).  But I’ve never actually had any fantasy-football-related success.  That is, until this year.  See, I roped Mr. Bunches into the league as well, and guess who still seems to have rainbows coming out of his a$$?!  That’s right–Mr. Bunches won the whole shebang!  Which meant that all the proceeds were donated to Virginia Men’s Rowing in his name (over $5,000!!!!!).  So we’re I’m feeling nostalgic with school pride.  And yes, I am claiming Mr. B’s victory as my own.  Deal with it.


It’s hard to think back to what Mini B was doing at 7 months now that we’re at her 8 month birthday, but there was a lot of sitting up, and a lot of yoga practice.



She was pretty fanatical about making sure she got in her daily planks.  Sometimes on just one leg.


And while she wasn’t quite crawling, she was getting up on all fours quite a bit . . .


And the constant motion made her 7-month photo session a two-person job.  We didn’t want her leaning her way off the chaise, now did we?


So there you have it–7 months and still smiling.  Sleeping?  Not so much, but that’s a whole ‘nother story.



One comment

  1. First off Mr. B is the luckiest guy I have ever met so no surprise he won the fantasy football tourney. Honestly you should have known better. little B planking. classic

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