Yogurt Taste Test

Having a sister-in-law in the yogurt biz has its perks sometimes.  Usually they come in the form of coupons, but last week they came in the form of a little market analysis.  Which market?  The Greek one of course.  I mean, does anyone even eat regular yogurt anymore?  I didn’t think so.

So let’s get to it.  The test?  A taste test of 4 different Greek yogurts, all vanilla-flavored.  Set up by Bunches Junior herself.  First–the brands:


And the set-up.


We each got to taste while Mini B supervised.


And then came up with our own rankings of our favorites.  I even attempted to identify which yogurt was which.  Let’s just say I got them all wrong.


In the end, Wegman’s brand and Chobani were the clear favorites (sorry Junior!); Mr. B and I both picked Wegman’s as our clear winner.  And Mini B?  Well, she got her first taste of yogurt (just the Stonyfield organic one though–sorry Mini B!).


She seemed a little unsure about the whole thing.


But no worries.  She recovered quickly.


And then decided she wanted a beer.  Too bad she’ll have to wait 20 1/2 more years for that.


Even though Mini B’s first taste of yogurt didn’t go so great, we decided to try again.  This time with Stonyfield’s Plain full-fat yogurt.  And she loved it.



Er, at least she loved rubbing it all over her face; I’m not sure how much was actually ingested.



She mastered getting the spoon and yogurt into her mouth, but then also mastered spitting it right out.


Oh the joys of Baby-Led Weaning!  We just had to sit by and watch patiently while she did her thing . . .


So what do you think?  Ever done a yogurt taste test?  Who was your winner?


  1. Only yummy yogurts to me are the “humanely raised” ones! So delicious and the kind treatment of the cows is a MAJOR plus! Strauss Family Farms, Clover Stornetta, Brown Cow and Stonyfield Farms are a few “happy cow milk” ones 😉 ALL available at Whole Foods Markets.

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