2013 Goals

That’s right–I’m putting my home goals for 2013 in writing.  Will this make them happen?  I sure hope so.  Because apparently me sitting on the couch thinking about them hasn’t done much to put them into action, so let’s try something different, shall we?  Yes.  We shall.

  • Paint the fireplace.  I hate the fireplace.  I know some of you like it in all its stone, wood, and brass glory.  But I hate it.  Everyday.  I’m literally staring at it right now as I type this and it makes me cringe.
  • Hang new lights in the kitchen.  They’ve already been purchased (months ago) and I’m pretty sure it would take less than 15 minutes to hang them, but I just need to get on it already.
  • Create better organization in our entryway.  Not sure yet what to do here, but something must be done.  Hooks?  Cubbies?  Storage bench?  Hmm . . . 
  • Hang artwork/pictures.  With the exception of Mini B’s nursery, there is not a single piece of artwork hung in our house.  And for the most part, it’s all still in bubble wrap in our basement.  Need to get that stuff out of the basement and up on the walls.
  • Get a vintage sideboard for the dining room.
  • Get new dining room chairs.
  • Style the family room built-ins.  They currently look awful.  I’d post a picture, but I’m too embarrassed.
  • Paint the master bathroom.
  • Get window treatments for the master bath, guest bath, guest room, and Mr. B’s office.  That’s a lot of window treatments.  Yikes.
  • Finish painting all the trim in the house.  The holidays got me close on this goal, but I’m still not quite done.  For one thing, I still need to caulk all the trim before doing the final coat of paint.  Sigh.
  • Unpack our remaining boxes in the basement.  We’ve been here a year and a half and yes–we still have a LOT of unpacked boxes in the basement.  Mr. B would argue that means we can just get rid of everything in the basement, but I’m not sure I totally agree.  I do agree that a lot of it can probably go, though, so maybe 2013 will be the year of me selling our stuff on eBay and making donations of the rest.  Regardless, my goal is to unpack one box a week.  That seems doable, right?
  • Paint our master bedroom.
  • Paint the upstairs hallway.
  • Paint the guest room.
  • Paint Mr. B’s office. 
  • Paint the guest bath.  Seriously?!  So much painting–maybe some of these will have to get done in 2014 . . . 
  • Take more pictures.  Especially ones with a little twist.  And get them edited/posted in a somewhat timely basis.  Good luck, right?


Of course, everything on the to-do list is secondary to our number one goal in 2013: enjoy every dang minute of Mini Bunches!  But maybe while she’s napping . . .



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