Mini Bunches: 6 Months

Look at me with the timely post, eh?!  Pats on the back all around.  Guess I’m really learning to live with this whole sleep deprivation thing (no–Mini B is still not sleeping through the night.  Sigh.)  Anyways, this month I decided to choose a photo that would be truly representative of what’s been happening over the past month.  And so now you ask, “What’s been happening?”  Well, drool.  Yes, drool.  Pretty much enough drool to fill a kiddie-sized swimming pool.  How’s that for a good image to start your week off right?  No good?  Okay, well this one should be a bit better:


And yes–it is the stretchiest drool ever.  That is one continuous drool bomb from her mouth to the chaise.  Talented, isn’t she? 😉

Of course, there was a close runner-up for this month’s photo since this is also what we’ve been doing a lot of–lots of hands in the mouth.  But since that was kind of played out in Month 5, I figured the drool shot should win out.


Mini B is sooooo close to being able to sit up on her own.  Another couple weeks and I think we’ll be there . . .


Oh, and in case you were wondering whether she’s teething . . . the answer is YES (check out those two chompers she’s sporting)!


So there you have it–our little baby is six months old!  Oh boy time is literally sailing by.  Wishing you all a happy Monday.  Oh, and wishing me a Happy Birthday (heehee).  And a big thanks to Mr. Bunches and Mini Bunches for the best birthday ever (the pictures above were taken with the new camera lens that Mr. and Mini got me–I love it!)  And love you both!



  1. I can’t believe little B is already 6 months old!! She’s such a cutie, drool and all. A big happy birthday to mommy today!!!

  2. A. I cannot believe you have a baby. B. I cannot believe that she’s 6 months old! Congratulations!! You look amazing, as does she. The space you’ve created for your family is breathtaking and an inspiration. Happy New Year!!!

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