Mini Bunches: 5 Months

Seriously, when did we get a hot tub time machine that seems to make months disappear like nothing?  I can’t even believe how fast this whole parenthood thing is going.  Maybe it’s the lack of sleep, but it seems like it’s all a blur.  Sigh.

Mini Bunches is currently sporting a little bit of a faux-hawk as her hairdo of choice, but at least there’s some hair, right?

Of course the hardest part of this photo shoot was trying to get a shot that involved nothing in the mouth.  It was either both hands . . .

or some combination of hands and blanket . . .

or just blanket . . .

And then of course I occasionally got this look.

Thank goodness that (most of the time) it quickly turned into this look:

So there you have it–our little girl is quickly approaching 1/2 a year old.  Craziness.

Oh, and yes–I will be doing a post soon all about our Halloween adventures; I just have to get through the 1,000+ photos I took first.  But here’s at least a little sneak peak . . . 

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