We’re Back . . .

. . . and better than ever!  Oh wait, not quite.  But more on the reasons for that later.  First, a few pictures: Mini B and I are back from our trip to TX where we got to meet this little fella’:

Which meant that instead of trying to get one kiddo to smile for photos, my sis and I now had two kids we needed to coax smiles out of.  Clearly, we weren’t that successful . . .

But I’ve only just started going through the 800+ photos I took on our trip, so I have faith that there will at least be a few keepers in the bunch.

Oh, and why are we not doing better than ever?  Well, I probably should let Mini B answer that, but seeing as how she can’t talk and all, I’ll try to speak for her.  See, Mini B decided to start sleeping through the night in TX.  Yes, and I don’t mean the sleeping-through-the-night-for-a-breastfed-baby-definition-of-sleeping-through-the-night (which for those not in the know is only 4-5 hours).  Nope, I mean real sleeping through the night–11 glorious hours of sleep.  11 HOURS!!!  I was beside myself.  I’m not joking–literally there was another one of me and she was sitting beside me.  We were quite literally beside ourselves.  So what’s happened since returning from TX?  More blissful nights filled with 11 hours of uninterrupted sleep?  Oh heck no.  Because that would be too easy.  And everyone who has kids knows that there’s no such thing as easy.  No way, no how.  Nope.  Mini B decided to revert to her newborn ways of sleeping in only 2 hour chunks.  Awesome.  But we’ll get through it–everything’s a phase, right?!

Anyways, here’s one last shot of Mini B loving life in Texas . . .



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