Mini Bunches: 3 Months

Only 4 days late this time . . .

Some of her hair is finally growing back :).  To see her other monthly portraits, check them out here and here.

I’m still trying desperately to capture her really smiling, but she sort of gets mesmerized by the camera and just stares at it as soon as it comes out.  Hence I get a lot of shots that look like this:

Could she look any less enthused?  I mean seriously.

Of course, sometimes I’m able to coax a little something out of her . . .

So much better, right?  Of course, for those of you that think I only take pictures of her on our new white chaise loungers, you’d be wrong.  I’ve been known to try and experiment with other locations.  Like this one day where I took her outside–I thought it would be neat to have her with a bit of nature, ya’ know–like with fresh green grass.  Of course, it probably would have helped if I’d found an actual patch of fresh grass instead of putting her smack dab in the middle of a dead section.  Good job Mom.  And could she possibly look more worried in this picture?

At least I got some good shots of those uber adorable tootsies . . .

But back to the new loungers.  Here she is pre-game this past Sunday.  I think her face had a certain amount of foreshadowing in it, don’t ya’ think?  (For those that don’t follow football, the Bills were slaughtered this past weekend.)

Alrightey–there you have it.  Mini B in all her three months of glory.  Wow–can’t believe how fast three months have gone . . .


  1. She looks great. A little like her daddy yes? You are finally getting into the good stuff, well it might not feel like it yet, but another month or two. Love her fuzzy hair.

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