Reunited, And it Feels So Good

No, this post is not a song about Peaches & Herb (not for nothing, but what’s up with that as a name for a singing group?  Weird.).  It’s a post about Mr. Bunches’ family reunion!  Held each year at the beautiful Glimmerglass State Park, the family reunion is always a good time, and this year it was an especially festive occasion because it was the first time that Mini Bunches got to partake in the festivities!  Hooray!

But first, we had to get there, which meant taking our not-quite-two-month-old on her first road trip.  4+ hours in the car each way?  Yikes.  But no worries–she did great!  Here she is at her first thruway rest stop . . . 

We’re not quite sure what she thought of it.

And of course, as new parents, we had the car packed to the gills.  We didn’t end up using even half this stuff . . .

But on to the good stuff.  Mini B got all dressed up for the occasion–she was ready to par-tay!  She’s already doing the chicken dance . . .

And there were plenty of people ready to party with her.  Just check out the slew of cousin love she received . . .

And she got her fix with Auntie Kar-Kar and Jiddu Moose!  She even got to grab Jiddu Moose’s nose . . .

But besides meeting all the family, Mini B was especially excited for the spread of Lebanese food . . . look–her first grape leaf!

It was so great to see everyone, and Mini B especially loved meeting the family.

Well, she loved meeting almost everyone . . .

What that picture doesn’t show you is Mini B crying :(.  Poor baby!  But no worries–she had at least one cousin that she could snuggle right into . . .

There you have it–Mini B’s first family reunion!  Who knows what Mini B’s next adventure will be . . .


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