Mini Bunches: 1 Month

Before Mini Bunches was born, I had high hopes of taking weekly pictures of her to document her growth.  Well, let’s just say that went out the window during week 1.  I am in serious awe of anyone who actually pulls it off.  I was barely able to feed myself by Week 1, so there was no way I was going to be able to set up a newborn photo shoot.  So now on to Plan B: monthly photos.  And in true everything-on-this-blog-will-be-posted-incredibly-late-now-that-we-have-a-kid style, here they are.  Only a few weeks late.

Of course, I also had hopes of maintaining some sort of theme in the monthly pictures–you know the kind: where the kid is always with the same toy or on the same chair or on ever-changing backgrounds (perfected by those kids at YHL).  Well, in the 2-minute window that I had to take these pictures, I sort of drew a blank.  So who knows what I’ll do next month, but here’s what my operating-on-no-sleep-and-little-food brain came up with . . . Mini B on our new chaise lounger:

And Mini B on a blanket (I kind of love that she’s sticking her tongue out):

So what do you think?  Any ideas for next month?  It is fast approaching after all . . . 

2 Responses to Mini Bunches: 1 Month

  1. erinhawk says:

    Hi sweet baby!! Auntie E loves you!! xoxox

  2. awww what a sweet girl. Thank you for sharing pictures of her.

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