Mini Bunches: 1 Month

Before Mini Bunches was born, I had high hopes of taking weekly pictures of her to document her growth.  Well, let’s just say that went out the window during week 1.  I am in serious awe of anyone who actually pulls it off.  I was barely able to feed myself by Week 1, so there was no way I was going to be able to set up a newborn photo shoot.  So now on to Plan B: monthly photos.  And in true everything-on-this-blog-will-be-posted-incredibly-late-now-that-we-have-a-kid style, here they are.  Only a few weeks late.

Of course, I also had hopes of maintaining some sort of theme in the monthly pictures–you know the kind: where the kid is always with the same toy or on the same chair or on ever-changing backgrounds (perfected by those kids at YHL).  Well, in the 2-minute window that I had to take these pictures, I sort of drew a blank.  So who knows what I’ll do next month, but here’s what my operating-on-no-sleep-and-little-food brain came up with . . . Mini B on our new chaise lounger:

And Mini B on a blanket (I kind of love that she’s sticking her tongue out):

So what do you think?  Any ideas for next month?  It is fast approaching after all . . . 


Let the Games Begin!

Guess who’s excited for the Olympics to start . . .

And because sometimes it’s hard to just pick one picture . . .

Project 4: Rock and Swivel

As promised, we’ve finally turned my $10 chair find into a comfy, rocking, swiveling chair to rival all chairs (okay, so maybe it would lose in the Chair Olympics to some newer models, but in the low-cost events, it would totally clean up).  If you recall, this is what Big Bird looked like when I brought her home . . .

And although she looks essentially the same now, trust me–there’s a lot more going on under that skirt . . .

Before I give you a somewhat not-so-detailed explanation of how we converted Big Bird into a rocking swivel chair (I was, after all, on baby duty during much of the process), I first have to give credit where credit is due . . . so here’s the tutorial from Honey & Fitz that inspired me and informed our decisions along the way:

Step 1: Buy a rocking, swiveling base.  I got mine at for ~$85.

Step 2: Flip your chair over and remove the netting from the bottom of your chair by removing the staples attached to the wooden base.

Step 3: Remove the chairs legs.  Now, a lot of chairs just have legs that unscrew from the base–oh, to be so lucky, right?  Of course it wasn’t going to be that easy.  Nope, these legs were solid wood and extended all the way into the chair base.

So we had to saw them off.  And by we, I mean Mr. Bunches and our very own Bachelor-in-Residence, MO (they moved the whole operation out to the front patio at this point–the garage door was broken at the time, so they went full white-trash style and did the work where all could see). . .

Two down, two to go . . .

Step 5: Attach a wooden base for the rocker/swivel base.  Mr. Bunches and MO picked out some wood at Home Depot to use–the original plan was to have one solid piece of 3/4″ plywood cut to size, but after they found out that the cutters at both Lowe’s and Home Depot were broken, they switched to plan B: two pieces of 3/4″ thick lumber that they could cut to size themselves.

Step 6: Mark and pre-drill holes to attach wood slats to base.  We did two-three holes on each board.

Step 7: Attach slats to base with wood screws.

Step 8: Position rocking base–the base should not be positioned in the center of the chair, but more towards the back of the chair.  Once positioned, mark holes to drill in order to attach the base with bolts and nuts.  The base identifies which part is the front, so make sure you position it correctly.  I don’t have pictures really of this step, but trust me–it happened.

Step 9: Attach rocking base with nuts and bolts.  Tighten.

Step 10: Turn chair over and enjoy.  And by enjoy, apparently that means asking your wife who just birthed your baby to get you and your friend a couple of beers so you can complete the white trash picture on the front lawn.  Classic, eh?

So there you have it–how to convert an upholstered chair into a swivel rocker!  Now that we’ve had it a couple weeks, I have to say that we love it.  It hasn’t migrated to the nursery yet since I tend to nurse Mini Bunches in front of the boob tube (haha–get it–boob tube?), but I’m sure someday it will end up there.  Of course, Mr. Bunches and MO thought it should stay on the front lawn.  Clearly, they were vetoed.

Once it was back inside, of course we had to see how Mini Bunches liked it.  Her first impression?  Loved it.

Of course, 2 seconds later was a different story.  Not sure if it was MO or the chair she was reacting to . . . 🙂

Thanks to our Bachelor-in-Residence for all his help!!  We’ve been rocking almost non-stop these days (mainly to avoid that sad face above).

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Yes, I’ve been MIA.  And those of you that have children understand.  ‘Nuff said.

BUT . . . today is Mr. Bunches’ Birthday, and our newest addition would like to celebrate . . .

So yeah, I know that’s not the most celebratory face out there, but it’s all I’ve got.  Of course, she’s also had time over the past 5 weeks to do some posing with Dad . . .

Just noticed a theme here . . . she’s passed out in almost all of those pics.  If only it were that simple, right?  Don’t worry, she’s awake.  A lot.

Alright, so there you have it.  Happy Birthday Daddy!  We love you!  And now, off to bed (fingers crossed anyways) . . .

P.S. A certain Bachelor-in-Residence was in town this past weekend, so hopefully I’ll do a post (sleep-permitting) soon about a project that he and Mr. Bunches tackled.  Oh, and yesterday was Bunches Jr.’s birthday–Happy belated Birthday Kara!!


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