Meet Gus

In preparation for the arrival of Mini Bunches, I’d like to take a moment and introduce you to a new member of our household: Gus.

Gus is a goat.  And if you’ve been paying attention, you know how much Mr. Bunches and I like goats.  Anyways, Gus the Goat has become our practice Mini Bunches.  And to be clear–Mr. Bunches does not endorse this post.  This post is entirely of my own doing as we all know that there is no way that Mr. Bunches would ever be caught playing with treating a stuffed animal as if it were our baby.  Regardless, Gus the Goat has been swaddled . . .

Taken on walks (just around the living room–we’re not trying to completely freak our neighbors out) . . .

Spent some time in the car . . .

Taken time out for play . . .

Had his diaper changed . . .

And after such a busy day, he zonked out in his crib . . .

So the question now is–do you think I’ve officially gone nutso?  If so, then you can join Mr. Bunches’ team 🙂

But there you have it–Gus the Goat, aka Practice Mini Bunches.  Do you think we’re ready?  Gus does . . .

Oh, and here’s a quick sneak peak of some pieces of the nursery.  We’re hoping to get everything finished up in the next week, at which point I’ll post more pictures, but for now, here are just a couple glimpses of where we’re at:

That’s all you get for now, but I promise more soon . . .


One Response to Meet Gus

  1. Punkie says:

    Ahahaha- I LOVE Gus!! You are too funny! 😉 xox

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