Renovations: Phase 1

It’s been a busy week here at the Bunches household–our contractor started work on our kitchen, half bath, and laundry room.  Hallelujah!  We’ve been waiting for this day since we moved in, so we’re pretty excited.  Of course, with all my blog reading and overkill research, I knew that we had to prep our house a little before the contractors started (to prevent not only damage to our stuff, but also to stop a massive dust invasion in the rest of our home).

So we emptied the cabinets that will be ripped out (you might remember our master plan from here) . . .

I took off the doors because I want to keep some doors to practice on (remember from here that I plan to remove the trim and turn the doors into a more quaker style).

It kind of looks a bit like it did when we moved in–all empty and fresh, right?  Well, we also taped up some serious tarps (we’re going to try our hardest to control all that dust).  This one blocks the entrances to the pantry, family room, and dining room:

While this one is our attempt to block off our living room and bedrooms.  Luckily, there’s a door to the upstairs wing, so no tarp was needed there.

Oh, and here’s one last shot of what those awful upper cabinets in the kitchen look like.  I was so giddy to see them removed (it’s even amazing how just removing the doors already hints at how much more open the kitchen will be, right?).

So that was our prep–not bad, right?  I felt like we were ready.  Let the contractors do their worst!  Okay, well, maybe not their worst–bad choice of words–I mean, do their best . . . yeah, BEST. 🙂

After two days of work, I have to say that I’m pretty impressed (the first day was just one guy in the half bath working like mad to get the wallpaper off–that was a serious, serious job.  Thank goodness we only had wallpaper in that one little room.  Can you imagine the insanity if we had bought this house instead?)

After Day 1 in the half bath:

No more awful tiles!

And after one more day (believe it or not, only half the wallpaper was removed on the first day, but by the end of the second day it was all gone):

The odd light box was also demolished.  Hooray!  And the blah vanity top was also gone.  Awesome.

Oh yeah, and our new toilet now sits in the vestibule.  Gotta love the chaos of construction, right?

But now to the more exciting progress . . . the KITCHEN!

Doesn’t it look so much bigger?!

No more soffits, no more cabinets blocking the view.  Nothing but openness, openness, openness!  This has got to be my favorite view by far . . .

It’s really happening.  I can hardly believe it.  So excited!

Hopefully they’ll get the new range hood hooked up today.  Here’s a shot of what they’ll be installing:

It’s the Frigidaire FHPC3660LS 36″ Island Mount Chimney Range Hood.  Turns out island range hoods are really expensive, and since I (of course) was right on top of buying stuff procrastinated until the last minute, and didn’t want to spend $1,000+ for a new hood, I opted for this Frigidaire model which cost ~$600 once shipping was factored in.  I couldn’t find any reviews of it, but I’m hoping that since it’s at least a brand name (versus similar ones on eBay), that it should be fine.  Fingers crossed, right?

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