Big Bird (aka the Glider Post)

As you might recall from my nursery mood board post, I’ve been torn about what to do re: a glider/rocker.  See, the problem is that the ones I love are all a little pricey, especially when I think about the fact that this kiddo will likely be spitting up (and doing who knows what else) in this chair.  So while I love all of these, the reality is that they’re just not in our budget:

Gliders are from here, here, and here.  That last one is a new fave that I found thanks to my sis–turns out it’s designed by one of her friends!  Apparently stylish people flock together.

So the hunt has continued.  My sister-in-law had the genius idea of using an outdoor rocker, kind of like the one below (she actually has one picked out from Home Depot, but I couldn’t find it online; I’m guessing this one’s along the same idea).  At only ~$240 (it’s the Belvedere Wicker Rocker currently on sale at Target), it’s much more reasonable than the $1,000+ ones above.  But, I don’t think it will really jive with our nursery–it’s just a bit too, um, beachy.  But, luckily she lives near the beach, and so the concept works much better for her nursery than ours.  Of course, with that being said, I’m still a little bit in love with this chair, so I might have to get it for our new patio . . . 

In my continued hunt desperate search for an affordable, yet stylish rocker, I’ve decided to turn to my old stand-bys: that is, thrift stores and craigslist.  Well, craigslist did have some gliders, but they were all the traditional nursery ones, which, while great for a ton of people, just weren’t what I was looking for.  And so that left me with thrift stores.  And since Mr. Bunches LOVES thrift stores (insert heavy sarcastic tone here), I decided to strike out on my own a couple weekends ago (Mr. Bunches happened to be in China at the time, so it worked out well.  And yes–I said China.  Shanghai to be precise.  Check it out🙂

Okay, and now (finally–I know I can be a bit long-winded these days), here’s what I managed to find.  Are you ready?  Can I get a drumroll?  Can anyone else tell that I’m pretty excited about this?  Should I keep asking rhetorical questions?  Really?  You think I should?  Six isn’t enough?  You want ten?  Ten, really?  Are you sure?  Okay, that was ten.  Phew.  TA DA–Big Bird has arrived!

Now do you understand the post title?

I mean, just look at that long back and ridiculously amazing tufting!  Not to mention the fluffy softness of yellow velvet . . .

Now, I know some of you are currently completely skeeved out by this–an upholstered chair from a thrift store?  Ew and ick, right?  Well, wrong.  At least for me anyways.  The chair is in great shape, minus a couple stains that I figured I could try to vacuum/scrub out.  And the color was already perfect–yellow, so I didn’t need to reupholster it as long as I could get it looking pretty good.  Or at least, that was my plan.  The only problem is that it isn’t a rocking chair.  In fact, it only has 3 functioning legs.  So I guess it sort of rocks.  No, but seriously, I didn’t care if it was a rocker, because I found this:

So with that knowledge in hand, I decided to fork over the whopping $10 for Big Bird.  Yes–you read that right: $10.  That’s all it cost.  At that price, I figured if I couldn’t get it clean, well, I could just pitch donate it.  And, since I bought it at Buffalo’s ReStore, the money was going to a good cause anyways (Habitat for Humanity).  All in all, I was a happy bird.

So then, it was cleaning time.  While Mr. B was outside doing this last weekend:

I was doing this:

No, I was not making a meringue.  That’s homemade upholstery cleaner: 1 part dish soap to 4 parts water, beaten to a healthy froth (I only used about 1/2 cup dish soap to 2 cups water and that was enough for the whole chair).  Just scrub on the frothy stuff and then wipe it off with a clean cloth.  Not exactly the directions per the manufacturer, but oh well.

Anyways, I got to scrubbing and things were looking good.  Real good.

Of course, I may have scrubbed a bit too hard.  Here’s a shot of the velvet pre-cleaning:

and here’s an after-shot.  See how it’s a bit nubby now?  Oh well–lesson learned I guess.  Don’t scrub velvet fabric with a hard-bristled brush.

But, all in all, I’m pleased with how it came out.  It smells super fresh and clean, and a lot of the dirt/stains came off.

And hopefully over time the new nubbiness of the fabric will subside.  Oh, and see how the chair’s leaning in the picture above?  That’s the result of only 3 functioning legs.  So there you have it–a $10 nursery chair.  Can’t beat that, now can you?  Of course, the rocker mechanism will be ~$90 and then we’ll have to buy some wood to secure it, but all in all, the chair shouldn’t cost more than $150 total, plus a little elbow grease.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how it turns out.

And just because I’m getting excited about this nursery coming together, here’s a quick shot of the bambino’s closet as it stands today.  I’m not sure what it is, but I can’t seem to resist buying stuff from Baby Gap (the sale rack of course–I’ve seen enough exploding diapers in my day to know that babies don’t need $50 outfits)–I sort of want that orange sweater in a grownup size.  Is that bad?

One last thing for today–my sister posted this great comment from my earlier mattress post, and I just had to share because I think it’s a genius move.  Especially for a second/vacation home:

For the Sedona house, we recently went on a mattress rampage… Would you believe that we opted for the Macy’s FLOOR MODELS. When all was said and done (and I whipped out coupons and opened up a credit line), we paid $375 for a $1,700 mattress and $475 for a $2,700 mattress!! We had to wait a few weeks until they were released from the floor, and get over our slight grossed-outness about zillions of people laying on them beforehand. Mom had a good point though… she said we aren’t weirded out by hotel beds that gazillions (more than zillions) of people sleep on, so why should this bother us? Alas, our vacation house is now fitted with some pretty dang plush mattresses with a little bit of history hahaha! xo, Sis

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