Kitchen Decision #3: Faucet

First, the inspiration (all images from Pinterest):

That’s right folks–I’ve been sold on those commercial-style faucets for years, and now I had my opportunity to have one in my own home.  Joy oh joy!  Sometimes it’s the little things, right? 

So then I had to decide which one to get.  I won’t go through the nauseating process that I did for the sink (from here), but needless to say, I did do some research.  And I’m not gonna’ lie–price played a pretty big part in my final decision.  Who knew that faucets could range from $100 to $2,000?  Yikes.  Anyways, here were the finalists:

The Premier 120334 Essen for ~$220 . . .

The Danze D455158ss for ~$280 . . .

And the Kraus KPF-1602 for ~$260:

Now, I wanted the faucet to be in a stainless finish (as opposed to chrome), so that bumped up the price on some of them.  Awesome.  So how did I decide which one?  Well, it wasn’t just price.  Nope, I basically made my decision based mostly on measurements, reviews, and availability (see, the countertop fabricators want you to have the new fixtures on site at the time they measure, so that put me into a bit of a time crunch).  Basically, I ruled out the Kraus faucet because it was 28″ tall–that was just way too tall for our kitchen.

So then it was between the Premier and the Danze, which had similar measurements except for how close the bottom of the faucet was to the sink–the Danze was 2″ lower.  Which initially might sound like a bad thing, but these faucets are not pull out faucets, but rather are pull down faucets, so the vertical reach isn’t great.  And that meant I figured I should get one that’s closer already to the sink to compensate for the lack of maneuverability, and so the winner is . . .

The Danze!  Yay!  And because I’m cost-conscious insane, I made a little spreadsheet of my price-shopping to make sure I was getting the best deal:

I know, I’m nuts.  You can say it.  I’ve accepted it.  In the end, I ordered from since and couldn’t guarantee that it was in stock and would ship quickly.  But, the good news is that I got the faucet in less than 5 days and it’s amazing!  I can’t wait until it’s all installed and set up (still about 1-2 months out, so don’t hold your breath).

Any thoughts on my insanity?  Do you like the choice?  Are you just as excited to see the final product as we are?!  Probably not.


  1. I’m sure you have already bought your Danze faucet but wanted to share my experience with the brand. We have a 3 1/2 bath home. All faucets, tub spouts, shower heads, etc. in the kitchen and baths were Danze when we moved in 51/2 years ago. We have had to replace two bathrooms worth and the kitchen faucet since then. In the master shower we went through two handles before changing to kohler. The kids full bath tub spout didn’t last a year. All of the finishes have worn off. The kohler faucets still look and function like new. I would make sure you have a decent warranty and save your receipts. Just thought I should pass along the info. good luck.

    • Thanks for the info–good to know! Of course, I have already bought the faucet. So I guess I’ll just have to wait and see, but I’ll definitely be sure to save my receipt. I went with a different brand in the half bath (Kraus), but we’ll be replacing faucets in the other two baths down the road, so I’ll have to keep this in mind.

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