Nursery Mood Boards

I have to admit–I’ve got baby on the brain all the time these days.  Possibly because Mini Bunches has been going full-on romp-a-room in my belly lately; I’m a little afraid this kid’s going to come out bouncing off the walls–yikes!  And so, in an effort to prepare, I’m thinking about the nursery.  Now, I still owe you a post about the painting of the nursery (mainly because I have some choice words about the supposedly no-VOC paint we used, and yes–I say supposedly because we painted months ago and there’s STILL an odor in there), but I’ll get to that in a bit.  For now it’s time to decorate–hooray!

Before we get to the mood boards, let’s first visit our inspiration for the room: an oh-so-thoughtful-and-sure-to-be-a-treasured-keepsake-for-years quilt that my sister made for us:

Seriously?!  She’s amazing.  And now for the close-ups . . .

The back is all the animal print while the front is all different coordinating pieces.  And just to give you some scale, here’s a shot of my man-hand on the back of the quilt . . .

Maybe I should instead say that’s Mr. Bunches’ hand?  Oh well–too late now I guess.  So there you have it–the overall color inspiration for the room: grays, yellow, teal, and white.

Now, this doesn’t mean that we’re going with a jungle theme room because of the animals in the quilt–nope.  While I adore the animals, for some reason I’m just not feeling theme-y for the nursery.  So no theme for us.  Unless of course “calm” is a theme?  My sister wants her nursery to have an Anthropologie theme, which, when I pushed for a definition of what exactly that is (I had visions of paper plate sculptures across the ceiling and a crib wrapped in multi-colored yarn), she succinctly said calm, white, neutral but with bold pops of color.  And I like that idea.  Not enough to say I’m having an Anthropologie theme, but enough to say that I’m thinking along the same lines.

And with that, I give you Nursery Mood Board #1:

  • Crib: the one shown is the Oeuf Convertible Crib in Walnut (available here).  But, since that crib costs upwards of $900, we’re going with this one, the Baby Mod Olivia Espresso Crib for only $249 (it’s actually from Walmart of all places, but it’s made by Million Dollar Baby and it’s supposedly non-toxic).  It should be arriving any day now:

  • Dresser: the one I refinished from craigslist here.
  • Glider: I’m pretty much in love with the Gus Modern Glider, but at $999 I think it’s a no-go.  Which means I’m going to continue hunting thrift stores and the like to see if I can find anything I like that could be reupholstered.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!
  • Paint Colors: Benjamin Moore’s Ocean Air on the ceiling and BM’s Decorator’s White on the walls (ya’ know–so the nursery can be painted the same color as all the other rooms in our house 😉 ).
  • Curtains: PB Teen’s Suite Ribbon Drapes in Gray on sale for $46.99 a panel; which means they’d cost ~$190 for four panels.  I’m probably going to have to think on those for a bit.  And, I know that we can’t just survive with curtain panels alone since every parent I know has been singing the praises of blackout shades, so those will be on the list too.
  • Ceiling Light: the existing vintage one that’s in the room.  I just need to give it a good cleaning, but I actually think it’s sort of charming, and it creates some pretty dramatic shadows on the ceiling.
  • Rug: Urban Outfitters Zigzag Printed Rug in Yellow for $179 for the 5×7.  Of course, the reviews of it aren’t that great, so I’m not entirely sold.
  • Wall Art: I love this numbers print (and all of the birth announcement prints) from Etsy shop Almost Sunday; and I love that you can get 12 prints for only $35 from another Etsy shop, PeaPress–I think they’d look amazing in a gallery wall of white frames.

And now, Nursery Mood Board #2 (there are going to be some duplicates obviously–the crib, dresser, light fixture, and paint colors have already been decided upon):

And now, for one last mood board, I’ll call this the high-end version.  Nursery Mood Board #3:

So at least those are a start, right?  I’m also thinking about taking down the closet doors and replacing them with printed curtains–which means yet another spot for pattern/color.  I just don’t want it to be too overwhelming (I have a feeling I’m going to be overwhelmed with Mini B as it is).  So any thoughts?  suggestions?  options for a cheap, comfy, but stylish glider/rocker?


  1. I like that Walmart crib, it’s just like the Ouef and PB ones I like (at $900) Same with the first glider, just like the Luca Glider. It will all come together. I keep scouring craigslist for an upholstered glider instead of the traditional wood framed ones. All good choices, you’ll figure it out. Make it peaceful for you.

  2. My biggest concern is with the rocking chair in mood board #2. Our experience, two kids in, is that we spent many hours/nights sleeping in our glider – make sure it’s comfortable! While our style is significantly different than yours, we have a Dutalier oversized glider that we love (and can’t wait to move into our own room). With that said, my favorite is mood board #2 with that change. The Alice in Wonderland prints are awesome and I like both the curtains and rug a lot.

  3. How flattered we are that J made the baby blog! And YES whatever baby B wants, baby B shall get from Uncle J and Auntie E! Seriously, how about you commission a couple pieces for wherever in your home (take measurement, pick from graphics or request a custom critter etc. and then name your color palette!) Ok, so my friend, Jennifer Delonge makes baby rockers that are totally lovely. Hers are in the $1,000 price range as well, but absolutely top of the line.
    I love the original ceiling light! And I say go for the closet curtains. Everything you have going on here is incredible. Love it!

  4. HIGH END!!! 🙂 although i do like the artwork from number one, two creeps me out a little, maybe it was the fear of clowns i had when i was little and just couldn’t get over…

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