Blue Velvet

You know, I’ve never seen the movie Blue Velvet, but with Twin Peaks’ star Kyle Maclachlan in it, methinks I should?  Anyone out there have an opinion?

Okay, so this post isn’t about random movies that I’m thinking about seeing.  Nope, it’s yet another thrifting post!  I know–can you hardly stand the excitement?  Since I had some good success the last time I went thrifting (see more here), I figured it was worth another shot.  And since I had to go to Rochester to buy new flooring tiles for our half bath (more on that soon), I thought I’d scope out some thrift stores en route.

First stop: Batavia, NY.  One word: JACKPOT.  At least for a mid-century modern buff like me.  Just check these pieces out:

You’ll have to forgive the poor picture quality–these were taken on my crackberry.  Can you believe those two?  A matching hutch and sideboard for only $150!

I really loved that sideboard/dresser.  It was in perfect condition, and with a little refinishing, it could make a gorgeous piece.  Of course, the hutch was nice too, but I’m not really a hutch type of girl.

I was kind of bummed out that they were being sold together.  But since I was also on my own for this outing (thrifting isn’t really the Mr.’s thing), there was no way that I would be able to get either piece into the car.  I mean, I think I’m strong and all, but I’m not so sure about being that  strong.

Oh, and for those of you who aren’t that into mid-century modern, you probably don’t know that the stuff’s pretty popular these days.  Similar pieces can go for big money.  Like this hutch for $895 (you can buy it here):

Of course, Batavia not only had some great wood pieces, but it also had this beauty:

Yep, that’s right–it’s the namesake of this post and I sort of love it.  Now, before you get all skeeved out about buying an upholstered piece from a thrift store, I’d just like to point out that these pieces can be cleaned or even completely reupholstered.  Emily Henderson does it all the time–just look at her couch that she got at an LA thrift store (she didn’t even have it reupholstered):

Now, the Blue Velvet I found isn’t quite as charming, but I’m still digging it.  And it was in great condition–a little dusty, but no holes or stains in the velvet, and just look at that tufting!  Sigh.

I’m not completely in love with the skirted bottom, but I can forgive some sins.  OH, and wanna know the price?  $80!  Yes, only $80.  Now if I can only convince Mr. B that we need to get it.  I mean, for $80 how can you really go that wrong, right?  I think it would look kind of rad at the end of our bed, sort of like this (image from here):

But it would also work well in our work-in-progress family room/play room (more on that here; oh, and we went with stripes–updated pictures coming soon).  Anyways, fingers crossed I can convince Mr. B that this couch is a good idea (oh, and fingers crossed that it’s still sitting at the thrift store in Batavia, right?).  I’ll keep you posted.

Traveling on, I came across yet another great long dresser.  With some new knobs and a little refinishing, I think this piece could also be stunning:

And then there were also these cute framed original pieces of art.  I wasn’t so much digging the art, but the frames were pretty rad . . . especially in that punchy yellow.  I’m a little bit regretting that I didn’t purchase these two (I think at this point I was getting very hungry and so I didn’t stay as focused as I needed to):

So can you believe that all that cool stuff has been hiding out in Batavia?  I stopped in a couple places closer to Rochester, but found nothing.  Wah.  Although, I did stop into one place in Buffalo and came across this stunner:

Now, obviously this piece would need to be reupholstered (unless of course your style is all Grandma-and-Grandpa-from-the-1960s-and-we-update-nothing; in which case–props to you).  But just check out the lines of it–nice deep seat, pleating along the back, sloping arms, and dainty little pointy legs.  I have to tell you–I think the shape of it is amazing.  And at $40, with probably another $150 + the cost of fabric for reupholstering, I think it’s a pretty good deal.  But there was only one of them.  And I’m kind of on the lookout for a pair of rad chairs to go in the family room.  Now, if this were a glider, it would be a different story–how cool would that be for the nursery?  Maybe reupholstered in a white linen?  Sigh.

So there you have it.  Another thrifting adventure.  Anyone else find anything cool on a thrift hunt?  Any thoughts on Blue Velvet?



  1. C’mon!! STOP it!! You are KILLING me!!! No the couch, hutch and dresser will NOT be there when you go back because I am driving my U-Haul out from California to grab them hahaha they are FAB and you MUST buy ALL. Ok, can you tell that there are NO good thrift finds left in CA?? All snatched up. Good eye sis, good eye!! xoox

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