Two Down

We’ve come to the end of anniversary week, and as promised, I’m putting an end to your misery wrapping it up with some pictures from our big day.  So let’s get this over with, shall we?

Yay blue wedding shoes!!!  I’m glad I bought two pairs cuz I’ve worn that pair to its last legs.

Apparently some people never learned how to share.  Either that or we didn’t feed them enough dinner.

Apparently the drinking age at our wedding wasn’t strictly enforced.

What’s a wedding without some line dancing?

Did the Bachelors in Residence just spot a hot girl?

Really?  We’re at a formal affair here–take it outside if the steak’s not sitting well.”

Idiot Nation represents!

Gotta love the Lebanese Dabke . . . Holla!

I’m pretty sure this picture could win a cheesiest-wedding-photo-ever contest.  What we were thinking?!  Oh wait–we weren’t.

I just got mawwied!”

Happy Anniversary Mr. Bunches!  I love you.

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