Winter Wedding Touches

That’s right kids–it’s day 2 of a 3-day tribute to the Bunches’ second wedding anniversary.  In case you missed day 1, check it out here.  Since last time I ended with our final choice of a wedding venue (Saratoga National Golf Club in case you forgot . . . )

I thought that this go around I’d take a little jaunt down DIY-memory lane.  Since Mr. Bunches and I tend to be pretty practical (and by that I mean frugal) we (and by we I mean I) decided to DIY some stuff for the wedding (let’s be honest–Mr. Bunches would likely have skipped all this stuff, and in reality that probably would have been A-OK since it’s all kind of silly anyways).  First up–my bouquet.  Let’s start with the inspiration:

Yeah that was a picture I took of a photo in some bridal magazine.  Wish I could remember which one, but I can’t.  Anyways, I loved the simplicity and the winteriness of it.  But I didn’t love the $150 price tag, so I figured I’d just DIY it.  Which meant Mr. B and I needed to go on a scavenger hunt for some pine cones and twigs.  Then, with some floral foam from the dollar store, a hot glue gun, and some glitter, I made this:

Not bad for less than $10, right?  And even though it was a bit top-heavy, it made it through the night just fine.  See?

Which brings me to DIY item #2–my dress.  No, I’m not Martha Stewart so I did not sew my dress myself (well, actually if I was Martha Stewart I would have had an entire team to sew my dress for me–I mean, let’s be honest, that woman hasn’t done a thing for herself since her days in lock-up and even then she had other convicts knitting her ponchos).  Nope–I just tweaked my dress a bit.  See, when I finally got the dress home, I wasn’t so crazy about it; in the bridal salon I had added a bunch of stuff to it that eventually led me to get it.  I’d show you pictures from when I bought it, but I don’t look so good in those pics, and since it’s my blog, I get to be picky about which pictures of me I post; nothing like keeping it sort-of real, right?  To sum up, the original dress didn’t have the flower or the sash.  And while we found this flower at the bridal salon,

It was $200.  And like any frugal-minded type A personality, I knew I could make it myself.  So I took a good look at it . . .

. . . took some rough measurements . . .

And then basically made my own through trial and error.  For less than $20.  Score 2 for me.  I recognized the shape froma  Martha Tutorial on how to make fabric and paper wedding flowers–check it out here if you want all the details.  Oh, and the sash was even easier–just bought some silk, sewed it up, and then tied it around the dress about 5 minutes before I walked down the aisle.

Okay, so the last thing we DIY’ed (that I remember at least) were our favors, which basically amounted to chinese food containers so that people could take home the Lindt Lindor truffles that we had as centerpieces.

We used glass vases and vessels that we got free from to hold the candy.  Who knew that you could get so much free stuff on Freecycle, huh?  And then, after the wedding I used Freecycle to get rid of any vases I had left over.  Easy peasy.

Oh, and we added some trivia about us in each favor box along with seat assignments–ya’ know, just to keep it interesting overshare with our wedding guests.

So there you have it–not quite the wedding DIY tutorials I talked about for my sister’s big day (check those out here), but just a little trip down memory lane of the types of things I used to stress about.  Jeez–what was I thinking, huh?

Okay, so stay tuned tomorrow for some actual never-before-seen pictures from our big day (mainly because two years later I still haven’t gotten around to actually doing anything with our wedding photos–again: oops).  For now, though, I’ll leave you with a few additional scenery shots . . .

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