Driving Ms. Bunches

Fully embracing life in Western NY, Mr. Bunches and I attended our first Auto Show together this past weekend.  Can you believe it?  I only say that not because cars aren’t cool and all, but because Mr. B and I may be the only people we know who aren’t concerned with what we drive (those of you who know us can attest to this from Mr. B’s Club Escape and my former cruising machine . . . )

Although, with our 10+ year old cars dying slow deaths, we have managed to upgrade (you may remember our Cleveland adventure to get the Subbie from here).

And we’ll probably soon be in the market for yet another car, so what better way to check out a bunch of options than at an Auto Show, right?  So off we went . . .

And clearly someone did not bring his best attitude, huh?  No worries–that frown was short-lived.

We got to check out the Chevy Volt, and apparently that was the only time I brought out my camera . . . oops.

It was a pretty tiny car.  Mr. B barely fit in the backseat, which means I wouldn’t stand a chance getting in there :).

Of course, it’s entirely possible that last picture was of a different car than the Volt.  Obviously I didn’t do a good job of taking broad shots so that we could determine which cars were which.  And my memory is nothing but shoddy these days.  Oh well.

I’d like to say I know what car this was in, but I have no idea . . .

Possibly the new Prius V?  We did like that car a lot–it’s on our short list at the moment.

Either way, we had a good time hopping in lots of fun cars.  Oh, and I didn’t get a picture of this one because the room was all dark with crazy mood lighting, but we did like this car a lot too:

It was shockingly roomy inside.

Of course, my favorite part of the show was the free photo booth provided by Ford.  I’ve always loved photo booths and the idea of collecting photo strips, but all the booths around now seem to add all these tacky effects so you don’t just get the classic b&w strip of images.  And while the Ford booth definitely had a promo edge to it, it at least wasn’t super cheesy.

And who knew that my nose was entirely made of rubber?

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