Flor It

Today I will be brief.  Somehow I think you don’t believe me, but that just makes me feel even more challenged to prove you wrong.  Jeez, a bit combative today, aren’t I?

Remember this room?

That’s right–the obligatory room of dark wood paneling that apparently all Western NY homes are required to have . . .

And while the wood paneling completely grossed me out, the built-ins had me feeling pretty giddy.  Even if they were lopsided and a little top heavy (and yes, I’m still referring to the built-ins here and not Snooki).

Plus, the sea of blue-gray carpet was totally awesome too.  But, in the spirit of being brief, let’s fast forward to how that room looks today (of course, you know there will be a post sometime in the next couple weeks with all the sordid details of how this transformation took place, so be rest assured that my brevity will likely be short-lived) :

Not bad, eh?  Here’s some more eye candy for you . . .

Pretty impressive, huh?  Now don’t worry, this isn’t a toot-our-own-horns post.  Nope, that will come later when I detail how we did this.  Instead, this is an interactive post.  And that means you–yes YOU are being asked to interact with us here in the land of Bunches of Joy.  See, it’s decision time.  And for those of you in the know about carpet tile, then you probably guessed from my post title, that we need some help with Flor tiles.

So again, in the interest of brevity, do you prefer stripes . . .

or checkerboards . . .

Easy peasy, right?  And keep in mind that we really don’t have to be married to either since it’s easy to change things around if we so choose, but once we have furniture in the room, I think the likelihood of Mr. B being happy to move all the tiles will probably go down.

So please vote, or please leave a comment below with what you think.  Thanks!

BTW–that post was only 338 words, so basically I rule!


  1. Tell Mr. B to get some speakers in those end cabinets and tidy up the center display. Got to make the electronics look good too!

  2. Love, love, love the color choices! I’m thinking stripes… They’re both pretty darn great though. What’s happening with the two “holes” in the wall system? Are those for speakers? If they stay empty, would you consider painting them white? I’m your sister so I get to ask these obnoxious questions. The whole room looks so Jonathan Adler. You’re amazing!

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