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For those of you that have honored us with a visit to our new home, you were probably a little shocked at our utter and complete lack of furnishings.  But you were, of course, gracious guests and didn’t say anything (or at least not to our faces).  You even bit your collective tongue about our sad, sad placeholder for a dining room table . . .

Yes, that is an old desk from Target (shockingly still available for purchase here).  And no–we do not eat there.  That was just put there so that we I would stop walking into the chandelier.  Mission accomplished.

But it’s time for some real grown-up furniture in our house.  So let the hunt begin for a dining room table . . . but first, some inspiration:

Love the white chairs with the dark table and walls.

Industrial yet with a country kick.  And all that white with the pops of color–sigh.

Simple, clean lines, lots of white, and would totally jive with the 1962 birthdate of our house.

Again, the pops of color against a backdrop of white (my ultimate goal in our home at some point), and a glass top for ease of care.

Again, a glass top so that the table just melts away into everything else.

Even though the table is dark, everything around it is bright and airy so it doesn’t look as heavy as it could.  Plus, what a great size–seating for six with room to spare.

Images from here, here, and here.

So do you see any patterns?  I love round tables, glass tops, clean lines, and even a little industrial chic.  So that at least gave me a place to start my search, right?  Well, that and it’s a pretty big space to fill, so I wanted a good-sized table.  Something so that down the road if we ever host a family holiday everyone can sit together in one place.  I know, I know, you shouldn’t build a church for Easter Sunday, but I also had visions of mini Bunches doing their homework and school projects all spread out on our big table.  Is that so wrong?

Anyways, I figured I’d look first for a large round table (at least 70″ across) since you can always squeeze more guests into a round table, and I thought it would balance out all the squareness we’ve got going on in the room . . .

Yep, that’s our couch.  Mr. Bunches’ pride and joy.  It might be the most comfortable couch we’ve ever sat on, but as you can clearly see–it’s got a whole lot of squareness going on.

And darkness.  So to balance it out I think we need something light, airy, and preferably round.  But with a limited budget stomach for spending a lot for furniture, I knew it would be a hard thing to come by.  But here’s what I came up with . . .

This stunner from Arhaus on sale for $2,999 (as if I would ever spend that much, but still, I can drool can’t I?):

A rustic round pedestal from Restoration Hardware on sale for $1,355, but it’s only 60″ across:

An industrial round table with a glass top from Room and Board for only $699, but again it’s only 60″ across:

And then this almost perfect 72″ round rustic wood table from Pottery Barn on sale for only $999:

And I almost pulled the trigger on the PB table–it was the right size (most tables I found were only 60″ across and were still more expensive than this 72″ table), it had simple enough lines for my taste although it was a bit more rustic than what I had in mind, and it seemed reasonably priced given a lot of the other options out there.  However, when I looked at the details I found out it was made of pine (a relatively cheap and easily scarred wood) and veneer.  Boo.  So I hemmed, I hawwed, and I checked craigslist for the umpteenth time in the past few months with no hope of really finding anything.  That is, until I saw this:

A custom-made steel and glass conference table that was listed for $500.  And at 69″ square, it was similar in size to the large round tables I had been looking at.  I liked that it had the industrial vibe going on, but that it wasn’t overbearing because of the glass top.  And I figured even though it’s square and I was hoping to get away from more right angles in the room, the fact that it was glass meant that it wouldn’t be such a dominating piece.  Plus, with different chairs, probably with some curviness to them, the whole square thing could be softened a bit.  But, of course, it’s craigslist, so you always have to be a little careful.  And you have to bargain.  So I offered $350.  The seller countered: $500 but he’ll throw in all the chairs (the seven shown plus one additional white and one additional black for a total of nine; even though I’m not crazy about them, it would at least initially save us a lot of money so that we don’t need to run out and buy eight chairs, and we could always sell them down the road).  At that point I figured it was worth a look and some measuring at home to make sure it would work . . . and that’s where we stand today.

So there you have it.  I’m going to take a look at the table this weekend and see if it’s worth it.  But what do you think?  Should we pull the trigger?  Or keep looking?  How will it look with the big brown couch?

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  1. Darn it, again, if we lived closer! I would nab those chairs off of you for what you’re paying for the table and you’d have a free table and I’d have a huge set of sweet, modern chairs! haaa
    oxxo, Sis

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