UPDATED: Wear Once and Toss

It’s been over seven months since I started my quest to thin out my closet (see more on that here), and I’m happy to say that I was pretty successful.  In case you don’t remember, my goal was to wear everything in my closet at least once before allowing any repeats.  Now, as you may recall, anything I didn’t feel good in, or didn’t fit quite right, or I didn’t want to wear had to end up in the donate pile . . . and here’s where that donate pile started seven months ago:

Only six items, so kind of a weak start.  But here’s where that pile stands now:

Sorry for the crappy picture quality.  In my quest to go fully manual on my DSLR, I’m afraid that my pictures have suffered.  But regardless, you can see that I’ve got way more than 6 items now, right?

You can even see wear my pile started on the bottom left . . .

Now, I’d be lying if I said I was 100% successful in my quest–I think everyone out there can relate to having those one or two pairs of jeans that make you feel like your butt is all that and a bag of chips, so how can you only wear them once?!  I mean, I’m only human.  So yeah, there were some repeats.  But there were also some pleasant surprises–when you’re forced to wear everything you own, you learn that some of the stuff you never wear is actually kind of fun to wear.  So all in all, it was worth doing.  Plus, when you have beautiful spacious closets like these, well, you just don’t want to clutter them up . . .

So I’m not sure if I’ve spilled the beans before on our Master Bedroom closets, but they’re sort of awesome.  And we have a whole wall of them in our bedroom (isn’t it crazy to look back at all that blue carpet?!  Yikes!).

And awesome they are because they’re filled with cool built-ins like shoe storage . . .

And dresser drawers . . .

And long continuous shelves for my oh-so-anal-organization-of-sweaters-by-color (I know, I know, I need to branch away from grey and black) . . .

And don’t worry about Mr. Bunches–I didn’t monopolize all the closet space.  Nope, he has his own little slice o’heaven . . .

So there you have it–an update on my wear-and-toss project and a peak into our closets.  Hopefully this will inspire some of you to purge some of your own clothes . . . what better time than now, right?  I promise you’ll feel better once you’ve trimmed down.

Anyone else have any tricks to purging unnecessary stuff?


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