Updated: Kitchen Renovation Vacation

So in being completely absent from blogging for quite some time (yes, I’m aware and I’m sorry, but I have a good excuse–mainly that I’m never at home these days, but instead I’ve been traveling every week for the past couple months with no end in sight), I’ve also been remiss in following all the blogs that I love.  And the one I love the most?  My sister and Punkie’s of course!  And what have I been missing?  Well, besides one of the most impressive down-to-the-studs DIY kitchen renovations ever, my sister also finally posted results from our mini kitchen makeover (you can see my original post about it here, plus all the details on how it cost less than $200, as long as you don’t count appliances).  As a reminder, we started here:

And now one of the afters courtesy of my sis:

Pretty amazing, right?  To see more of the process and the after pics, check out her post.  If she and Punkie don’t motivate me to make progress on our kitchen, then I’m not exactly sure what will.  Maybe that should be my New Year’s Resolution?



  1. Kitchen reno’s rock! Just make sure you have lots of “microwaveables”, gas in the grill…and above all else: pick your battles wisely! Can’t wait to see what you guys do the place!

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