B is for Birthday

That’s right–I’m another year older.  Actually I’m more than another year older since my birthday was quite a few days ago now, but who’s counting days now, right?  Yeah–not me.  So while I was not anticipating a particularly fun-filled birthday since we didn’t have any plans, I must say that Mr. Bunches delivered quite the day.  Especially since he must’ve told me about a thousand times that he had no gifts and nothing planned and I needed to keep my expectations low, blah, blah, blah.  That trickster.

We started the day with breakfast at one of Guy Fieri’s stops in Buffalo: the Lake Effect Diner.  And no–I didn’t take this picture–the Mr. wasn’t that good that he had Guy Fieri waiting to wish me Happy Birthday . . . maybe next year?

Not quite Mike’s Diner from back in the South End, but it was still pretty fantastic.  Nothing like some birthday flapjacks, eh?  Good choice Mr. B!  After that, we did some Christmas shopping around town and then had a cozy dinner at home.  And of course, being the gullible fool that I am, I thought that was it–a perfectly wonderful birthday with my Bunches.  But boy was I in for a surprise!  Five surprises to be exact!  Mr. B got me presents.  Oh joyous day (I love me some presents)!!

Some fantastic music from one of my old faves, Michael Buble, and one of my new faves, Zooey Deschanel (if you haven’t seen New Girl yet, then I feel sorry for you.  Very, very sorry.  Watch it.  I promise you’ll thank me).  Oh, and see that little tin?

Yep, that was filled with mini cookies from the one and only Carla Hall from the fifth AND eighth seasons of Top Chef.  Hootie hootie hoo!  And oh boy were they delicious.  The perfect pairing with yet another surprise–Christmas cupcakes from a nearby bakery!  Seriously, could Mr. Bunches get any sweeter (get it?  sweeter?).

Oh yes.  One chocolate.  One vanilla.  Mmmm . . . plus, a Chunk card for good measure.

Oh, but did it stop there?  Heck no!  If you graduated from kindergarten, you’ll know that we’ve only gotten through 3 presents so far.  Two more to go!

This next one was quite a shock–see, I had ogled it when we were shopping about a month ago at the J.Crew Outlet, and even though I’m not much of a jewelry girl, I kind of fell in love.  Guess I’m just a sucker for little yellow hippos . . .

I still don’t know how Mr. B bought it without me seeing him, but there you have it–this girl is one yellow hippo happier.  So as if all of that wasn’t enough (and believe me–it totally was . . . at this point, I was in deep guilt over birthday imbalance–I couldn’t even remember if I got the poor guy anything on his big day.  oops), there was still one more!  And it was in a box as big as me (okay, if I was maybe bent over).  Any guesses?  Okay, want some clues?

Talk about a gift with some sexy curves, huh?  Any guesses now?  Don’t be shy–shout ’em out!  Still stumped?  Okay, one more clue, but this is it.

Have you figured it out?  Are you so excited?  Can you hardly wait to see the full pic?  I bet you can’t.

TA-DA!!  That’s right–Mr. Bunches got me the rocking chair from my white things wish list (see all those things on the right side of your screen–well, turns out Mr. Bunches actually looked at them!  Who knew?)

Isn’t she just beautiful?  Sigh.  I love her.  And she’s super comfy (oh, and yeah–she’s a she.  I mean, with all those sexy curves, how could she possibly be a he?).  Oh, and she’s also a great photo studio . . .

So there you have it–Mr. Bunches outdid himself again.  Thank you Mr. Bunches for making my birthday one of the absolute best ever! Love you!



  1. Like the classic fool who forgets the December birthdays… Happy belated Birthday Sis. I’m horrible. I’m so sorry. There, I’m publicly announcing my terrible sisterness…. I still love you. A lot. And I’m really excited that you got a “Chunk” card hee hee xo, E

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