It’s Here . . .

And chances are it’s staying awhile!  What, you ask?  SNOW!  Glorious SNOW!  Mr. Bunches says it’ll be here until June–please someone tell me that isn’t true?  Anyone?

Yep–that was the winter wonderland scene that Mr. Bunches and I were greeted by this morning.  But considering it’s almost mid-December and this is the first snowfall, I’d say we’re pretty lucky (apparently there’s sometimes snow early enough for Halloween–yikes!).

Just wanted to do a quick update to commemorate our first snowfall in our new home.  I’m sure it won’t be the last 😉 .  And another quick apology for my absence of late–I’ve been a bit of a traveling fool, and unfortunately that means that the blog has been left quite unattended to of late.  But no worries–I plan to get back on that bandwagon and do some posts next week.  Until then–have a great weekend!!

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