We’re on a Board!

Not to be confused with We’re on a Boat!, this post instead involves Mr. Bunches’ and my adventure into the wild and rocky world of paddleboarding!

And yes, this is another completely untimely post in that this adventure took place weeks ago when we attended M&C’s wedding in New Smyrna Beach, FL.  So yes, I’m lazy.  Guilty.  But enough of all that–let’s get on to some pics . . .

First off, we each got a quick lesson which involved this: start on your knees, paddle forward, stand up, continue paddling.  Complicated stuff, huh?  Oh yeah–and don’t fall in.  Junior was one of the first to hop on, and being the good listener that she is–she was all knees to start:

Mr. Bunches followed suit . . .

. . . as did the groom himself.

Now, I figured it would take each of them a while before they got the nerve to stand up.  Let’s just say–I figured wrong.  Each of them was on their feet after paddling less than two strokes.  And someone pretty much became an expert in about two minutes . . .

Mr. Bunches might possibly have the most coordinated (and adventure-seeking) family ever.  They were paddling those boards like they’d been doing it for years!

Of course, not to be outdone by Mr. Bunches and his siblings, the bride-to-be was the true expert.

Yep, she even led everyone in some paddleboard yoga.  Seriously.  I’m not joking.  Yoga.  On a paddleboard.  On the water.

Where was I during all this?  Well, I got out there for a few minutes.  I kneeled.  I paddled.  I stood.  I paddled some more.  And then I turned around and headed back in.  Let’s just say balance has never been my strong suit, so I wasn’t up for the yoga lesson this time.  But, happily, I did not fall in, so I considered my outing a success.  Next time I’ll have to make sure someone snaps a picture while I’m out there so that I have actual proof . . . oh well.  At least I have one shot to show I was on the dock . . .

All in all, we had a great time–whether watching from the dock . . .

. . . or actually getting out there and boarding.  So thanks Mike and Carrie!  As always, you two are the King and Queen of all things adventure!

The setting sun also created a good time for some family pics and poses, so here’s just a few of those to close out this much-belated post:

And finally, what day would be complete without a little Zoolander . . .

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