Disclaimer: All names have been changed to protect the innocent (which basically means everyone except Olsen).  Only web-appropriate pictures have been posted here; for all others, get in touch with Mr. Bunches or me for a private invitation ;).

Yes, Mr. B and I went to another themed party (they seem to be all the rage here and we’re loving it; if you missed the first one, you can check out all the details here).  This one’s theme?  Well, if you read the post title, then you should already know.  Good job on reading.

This time, though, we were at Mr. and Mrs. Rockstar’s home.  But don’t worry, Mr. and Mrs. Holoholo were still in attendance.

Unfortunately, I got my camera out late in the game, so I missed getting some shots of the initial spread and instead caught some of the leftover carnage . . .

Although, with so much food on hand, there was still some left for pictures.  Including some smoked brats (it was Octoberfest afterall) . . .

. . . and salt potatoes . . .

And of course some yumminess for dessert.  I may or may not have had more than five of these.  Oops.

Okay, but enough about food (sorry–I’m just sort of obsessed with the stuff); on to the party antics.  But first, let me provide some explanation.  See, the Octoberfest was sort of just another Idiot Nation reunion (see more about Idiot Nation here).  And since some idiots came from various parts of the country, it meant that the Mr. headed over early to Mr. Rockstar’s home (as in 24 hours early, but who’s counting?  Well, probably Mrs. Rockstar . . . ).  And so that meant that Mr. Bunches got himself ready for the party.  And so I’m taking NO RESPONSIBILITY for what you’re about to see.  None.  Zippo.  Zilch.  Oh, and keep in mind–this was NOT a costume party.

Again, I take NO responsibility.  But of course, where there’s one idiot, you’re sure to find another . . .

Don’t worry–he didn’t get away for long.  Nope, he was pretty psyched to show off the “great idea” he and Mr. Bunches had.  Without me.  Again–I had no part of this idea whatsoever.

Yep, there they are.  Idiots in costume.  Costumes from Goodwill.  Now, you know I’m all for Goodwill (as seen here), and I even think it’s probably a good place to shop for Halloween costumes.  Ya’ know, for Halloween.  But I’m not sure how I feel about buying what appears to be a used robe.  With a certain special odor.  Yeah, special.

And hats.  Hats that were probably on other people’s heads (since that’s usually what people do with hats and all).  Ick.  I’m getting the heebie-jeebies just thinking about it again.

But you know what, Mr. Bunches thought he was pretty rockin’, so who am I to argue?

And you know Olsen thought that he was the bee’s knees in his outfit.

For all the single ladies out there, Olsen is available and willing.  Just call 555-867-5309.

But there weren’t just two idiots in attendance.  No sirreebob!  We had a special guest appearance from Mr. Barr . . .

And Mr. Buffalo even decided to grace us with his appearance.

But possibly the crowd favorite was Fabio.  Hold onto your hearts ladies . . .

It was hard for everyone to keep their hands off him.  Especially hard, apparently, for Mrs. Rockstar . . .

Oh, to run your hands through that hair . . .

Even Mr. Barr couldn’t keep his hands off Fabio . . .

There’s nothing quite as endearing as a good ol’ fashioned man hug, is there?  Such tenderness.

But back to the party.  It was fantastic–good food, good friends, good drinks.  And by drinks, I mean Capri Suns of course.  Yep, Capri Suns all night long . . .

. . . and there was even some planking.  Totally safe planking though–only with the proper headgear of course.

Can you tell Mr. Rockstar is a dad, or what?  Safety first!

I’m pretty sure this could be the next big thing for Idiot Nation.  Planking.  You saw it here first.  Of course, Olsen had to take it a bit further.  What else?

And then I think he just thought it was a good place to hang out.  Ya’ know, to talk about girls, and school, and his favorite Disney characters . . .

Okay, enough of Olsen on the countertops.  Again, sorry Mrs. Rockstar.

But, back to the party.  One thing Mr. and Mrs. Rockstar know is good music, and they picked out some of the best.

And where there’s music . . . well, there’s dancing.  Lots and lots of dancing.  First by the jester of the night . . .

But, of course, Mr. Bunches wasn’t going to be shown up like that.  No sirree.  Not when he had his best robe on . . .

But I’m pretty sure Mrs. Rockstar had everyone else beat.

That is, of course, until Footloose came on, and then I had to get out there.

But then Fabio sort of took over.  Sort of.  I wasn’t exactly sure what was going on . . .

In short, it was awesome.  So thank you, thank you, thank you to Mr. and Mrs. Rockstar for hosting a fantastic bash!  And thanks to Idiot Nation for all the entertainment!!!


  1. I am laughing out loud at my office and everyone is wondering what is so damn funny…..I need an invitation for the non-appropriate pictures

  2. Now, I usually get annoyed with the idiots at some point, but at this event, they were their most entertaining selves ever! Such a great time, and thank goodness for the Bunches blog to capture such a great time!!

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