Are You Ready for Some Football?

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy.  Guess what’s happening this weekend?!  An all-out idiot convention at our home . . . That’s right–the Mr.’s idiots (that’s just my loving term for them–they really are great guys) will be descending upon our house for some merriment prior to the main Buffalo attraction on Sunday . . .

Yessiree–the undefeated Bills versus the undefeated Patriots.  Who will be the last team standing?  Last year, we watched the game in Gillette Stadium and managed to find some devoted Bills fans, e.g. Superfan Ken Johnson.

For some reason, I also decided to sport a gangsta look for the game.  Not entirely sure where I was going with this, but at least I was buckled up for safety, right?

All in all, it was a good time had by all . . .

. . . although despite cheers from arguably one of the Bills’ biggest fans . . .

Somehow the Bills still lost (which meant my Patriots won–hooray!  Sorry Mr. Bunches).

But who knows what will happen this Sunday.  And with so many idiots in town, anything’s possible.  We’ll have Olsen . . .

Along with an assortment of the other idiots . . . Mr. Rockstar and Mr. Holoholo of Aloha Party fame . . .

. . . Deenie the Magic Maker . . .

. . . and others as yet to be determined (RSVPs would be nice boys . . . ).

Oh, and don’t worry–I don’t plan on being totally outnumbered.  My sis and her hubby will also be flying in for the festivities . . . thank goodness.  At least I won’t be the only one holding down the estrogen fort.

So who’s it going to be . . . Bills or Patriots?  Will the idiots prove themselves victorious?  Or will I be the last woman Patriot fan standing?  Take our poll to tell us what you think (all you have to do is click a button–it’s simple, so don’t be scared.  Just click.  I know you can do it.  C’mon.  Try it.  You might like it.)


  1. Idiot nation always outnumbers everyone
    Idiot nation’s football team will also win (or at least cover) on Sunday
    See you tomorrow

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