All Fenced In

It’s been no secret that our home required some vision . . . some serious vision.  Because there was a lot to see past.  A lot.  Like a jungle of weeds . . .

and a pine forest . . .

Oh, and some bushes on steroids . . .

But I knew that the potential was there (and the Mr. . . . ?  Well, not so much initially, but boy has he come around–he loves this place now), and is still there (lord knows this home will be a work in progress for some time, but we’re okay with it.  Nothing great happens overnight, right?).  And now, we can see glimpses of that potential . . . just check out our new view of the side yard (aka the former residence of the steroidal bushes):

Not too shabby, eh?  That’s taken from almost the same spot.  And how about that same side yard from the front of the house . . .

Total transformation, isn’t it?  All that luscious green grass . . . it’s basically exactly what the Mr. wanted (and I sure as heck ain’t complaining; especially since the Mr. has assured me that I will never have to mow it).  Oh, and did you see our new fence?!  Yep–that’s our 6-foot-tall-pressure-treated-pine privacy fence that we had put in along the back of our property.  It replaced a pretty nasty (and dangerous-looking) chain link fence.

Turns out that there are a lot of fencing options out there, but we went with the pressure-treated pine because it was, well, quite frankly, the cheapest.  Although, technically those pre-built spruce fence sections at places like Lowe’s and Home Depot are the cheapest, but they also don’t last very long.  We wanted something that was long-lasting, but wouldn’t break the bank.  And Iroquois Fence (our installers) assured us that we would get 25-30 years from this beauty.  We put it only along the back property line and not the side because, well, just look (obviously this was taken during the patio demo phase, but you get the idea):

We could practically reach our hands over the fence and stick them in our neighbors’ above-ground pool.  No thank you.  Our neighbors are great and all, but it almost felt like we were sitting in their backyard (minus the actual benefits of sitting in their pool or hot tub).  And now that we had demolished the trees and shrubbery bonanza that was happening back there, well, there was nothing on their side of the fence to block the view.  But now, we have privacy, and, well, so do they.

Why didn’t we replace the other chain-link fence you’re wondering?  We thought about it, but the expense would have been almost double (and $2,000 is a lot to start with for just the 82 feet of fence that we did, so $4,000 was a bit too much for us at this point), and there are a lot of plantings and yard space between us and them.  So we opted not to.  At least for now.  And I’m planning to add some type of plantings along the chain link (in addition to the lilac bush already there) that will hopefully provide more cover in the future.  Any suggestions Mom?

Mom–did you notice that we left the hostas?  Don’t they look awesome?

So not only did we have sod lain and a fence installed, but Steve (our contractor) finally finished the stone wall portion of the patio.  Finally.  Only one month late.  So basically, in contractor-speak, he was right on time.

But of course, the saga doesn’t end there.  Oh heck no–this saga is going to be like the SAW films . . . with potentially no end in sight, and basically the same story told again and again with new characters.  Like our new character in this chapter–the pile of red bricks laid out on our patio.  Did you notice them?  Of course you did–how could you miss them?  Well, apparently that’s for the rest of the patio project that Steve still hasn’t finished.  I’m pretty sure at this point he just likes to move bricks around . . .

See that stretch of brick-less wood underneath our sliding glass doors?  Steve said he would come back every day until he finished it.  Well, that was last Tuesday.  As in 9 days ago.  Yeah–NINE.  As in niner.  And we haven’t seen him since.  To say that I’m getting angry would be a total lie.  I’m furious.  I’m about to get some mortar and just do it myself.  UGH.  Oh well, at least the Mr. was making a funny face for the camera to lighten the mood.

So there you have it, progress.  It’s kind of like that Disney ride, the Carousel of Progress, where slowly but surely things change.  Maybe I can even get the Mr. to start sporting a mustache and an ascot . . .

Oh, and for my biggest sister, as promised–here’s proof that we didn’t kill every tree surrounding our home.  There are still a lot of trees since the streets are all tree-lined . . . 

Feel better sis?


  1. Hahahaha ok, ok, yes, there is still some green life I see 😉 Terrific fence woo hoo… now you just need to go back and get that baby goat…

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