Cold Hard Steel

I chose this post title and then decided to Google it for some inspiration.  What did I find?  Romance novels and adult websites.  Oops.

I think it goes without saying, though, that this post isn’t going in that direction.  Sorry Olsen.  Nope, instead we have some big news.  Some big cold hard steel news . . . we got new appliances!  So say goodbye to this . . .

And hello to this . . .

It’s like Christmas came early!  I even got to unwrap it!

Awesome, huh?  Almost as good as the BRAND NEW CAR.  Except this time we didn’t have to travel to Cleveland.  Instead, they came directly to us (courtesy of Sears).  See, I was all inspired by my recent trip to my sister’s when we did a mini renovation of her kitchen, and so when I got back the Mr. and I headed to the mall to see if we could find any Labor Day appliance deals.  And sure enough, Sears was having a sale, so we went hog-wild.  We bought our fancy Kenmore Elite fridge complete with an in-door ice maker (for those who know the Mr., then surely you know his love for ice).

Oh yes sirree . . . free ice right in our door!  Maybe this means there will be fewer trips to Taco Bell?  I won’t hold my breath.

But not only did we get a new fridge, nope, we went hog wild and no one who’s hog wild only buys one appliance.  Please–that would be ridiculous.  We also got a brand new dishwasher!  So goodbye old almond-colored relic of the 80s.


And hello empty hole!

Oh wait, that doesn’t sound right.  I meant hello shiny new dishwasher!

Oh yes, the Sears salesperson sucked us in good.  And we bit.  We bit hard on yet another Kenmore beauty.

So there you have it–slow but steady progress.  We also got ourselves a new countertop microwave, but I neglected to grab any pics of it.  Oh, and we also have some more appliances coming in another couple weeks, but I’ll share more on those when they arrive.  Can you hardly wait?!  Well, wait.

Now we just need to get new flooring, paint the cabinets, replace the countertop, change the hardware, paint the walls, adjust the layout, get a real hood vent, and win the lottery.  Easy peasy.


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