Put a Cork in It

Even though our to-do list seems to be growing at breakneck speed around our new home, somehow I find myself getting preoccupied with small projects.  Maybe because I can feel accomplished that something gets finished?  Even though it’s entirely not necessary, critical, or even (the Mr. might argue) even beneficial in the tiniest way?  Hmm . . . maybe it’s just my way of procrastinating on the big projects.  Like those two brand new toilets that have been sitting in our garage for a few weeks waiting patiently to be installed.  Yeah, that’s probably it.

Nevertheless, here are some details on a random project that I undertook during the middle of unpacking the kitchen.  That’s right–I stopped unpacking the myriad of kitchen gadgets, dishes, food-stuffs, and all things useful so that I could get this pressing project completed.  So what was so pressing?  Or at least pressing in my procrastinating mind?  Well, it was lining drawers.  Specifically, these fancy kitchen drawers with built-in dividers:

Who knew that behind this dated facade there was some serious forward-thinking function?!


But I’ll divulge more of that later.  For now, let’s just say I was pleasantly surprised to find that the two drawers underneath the cooktop had built-in drawer dividers.

Awesome, right?  Yes and no.  Yes because I have a ton of gadgets and cook’s tools that need organization; and no because, upon closer inspection, they were a bit chewed up and nasty-looking.

While I’m all for getting more fiber in our diets, I’m not that keen on getting it in the form of fibrous wood splinters.  So of course I needed to do something immediately.  I was just NOT going to unpack anything into those drawers until the situation had been remedied.  Again, we’re talking some serious unpacking procrastination going on here . . . 

So what did I do?!  Well, I remembered that years ago I had bought some cork tiles . . . See, I had a grand idea of making some cool DIY corkboard wall . . . 

Image from here.

Needless to say, though, it didn’t happen.  Instead, I had five 12 x 12 cork tiles that remained unused in a plastic storage bin with a bunch of my other crafty/DIY project supplies.  But alas–now I had an idea!  And those cork tiles would finally be used!  Oh happy day.  And so, just this once, hoarding craft supplies paid off.  Take that Mr. Bunches!

Shockingly, I was able to lay my hands on the tiles pretty quickly, and then I just gathered some other tools–basically a pair of scissors and some junk mail.

I used the junk mail to make templates of each area I wanted to cover with cork . . .

And then just cut out cork pieces to match the templates.

Since the pieces were just the right size, and about a 1/4 inch thick, all I had to do was slide them into place and they stayed put–no glue or tape needed.

You can also see in those pictures that I used a plastic drawer liner to line the bottoms of each section.  I picked up the liner during our trip to Costco, and I just cut it to size and laid it down.

Easy-peasy fix to some seen-better-days drawer cubbies, huh?

So once I finished my 30-minute diversion project, I could finally put stuff in those drawers.  Hallelujah.

Now I can rest easy that I won’t end up with wood splinters in my next batch of brownies.  Oh, and no judgments on the number of measuring cups I have . . . I use them all–I swear!

Anyone else find yourself procrastinating on big to-do items so that you can accomplish seemingly trivial and unnecessary smaller tasks?  Or is it just me?

Okay–new posts soon on our finished hardwood floors and some other home updates . . . stay tuned!

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