A Christening (of sorts)

Yes, there’s a slight redundancy to my post titles this week, but that’s just where I’m at these days.  Again–deal.

As I mentioned yesterday, we’ve moved into our BRAND NEW HOME!  Okay, I promise that will be my last Bob Barker impersonation (this week).  And since our home was built in the 1960s, I guess it doesn’t actually qualify as brand new, but it’s brand new to us, so there.  Anyways, we moved in late last week so that we could get ready for our first ever houseguests: Mike and Carrie!  You may remember them from here, here, here, here, and here.  Phew.

They might seriously be one of the most attractive couples ever.  Like model attractive . . . like model for a big-time company attractive?  (Yep–Mike’s a model.  And we got to hang out with him.  No big deal.  That’s just how Mr. Bunches and I roll–ya’ know, with models.)

We took the happy couple to one of our favorite spots: Niagara Falls.  Unfortunately, we weren’t in time to catch the sunset, but I did manage to grab one shot on our drive at least.  The sky was phenomenal.

Once we made it across the border to Canada, it was all sightseeing from there.  And posing.  Lots and lots of posing (like I said–models).

Oh, and for those of you who haven’t been to Niagara Falls at night–they light up!  And change color!  And sometimes fireworks magically shoot out of them (generally on Friday and Saturday nights I think).  It’s pretty romantic . . .

We also managed to make it out (finally) to my M-I-L’s home on Lake Ontario.  Boy was that worth the wait!  We even saw some Amish on our way there . . .

Oh boy, right?  This was definitely a quiet area . . . and all roads led to blue.  Ontario blue.

More Amish.  Check out the stroller–widdled from a solid piece of wood.

Eventually we had to turn.  Clearly.

The house was really spectacular.  Especially with our BRAND NEW CAR parked in front.  Hee-hee.

But the best was yet to come.  Just around back . . .

Talk about a WOW moment.

It was amazing.  All that grass.  And all that lake!

I seriously needed to kick off my shoes and kick back.  The view was just calling for it.

Of course, the house was perfectly situated to drink in all that gorgeousness.  The great room in the back had light pouring through it.  Stunning.

We all had a wonderful time.  Carrie even made a new friend . . . a Chunk look-a-like!

And found one of the best seats EVER . . . what a great way to grown-up-ify an old swing set (I know it’s a made-up word, but get off my back!).

Not only did we drink in the gorgeous view, but we also took in another bit of wondrousness (yep–that’s two made up words so far) . . .

Image from here.

That’s right–the Bills did the unthinkable: they WON!  41 to 7 no less.  Saying that the Mr. was excited would be such an understatement that it’s actually not even worth saying.

Some others, though, couldn’t bother to let it interrupt their napping . . .

Thanks again Mike and Carrie for christening our new home!  And thanks to our M-I-L for such a fantabulous visit (yep–that’s three)!


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