A Homecoming (of sorts)

As most of you saw yesterday, we got a BRAND NEW CAR.  Nope, the novelty of it hasn’t worn off yet, so I’m still doing Bob Barker announcements each time I get in it.  I’m starting to think the Mr. might be getting annoyed, but when has that ever stopped me?  And so you also know that we bought it in Cleveland.  And since we were in Ohio, I thought it worthwhile to see if I could get a quick fix.  You know–something to quell that craving that’s been nagging me ever since we moved to Western NY.  Of what?  Oh, just my favorite place in the whole wide world (second of course to our new home, but still–it’s up there) . . .

Oh Happy Day!!  I was so excited when our Garmin found not one, but three Costco’s just outside of Cleveland and one was oh-so-conveniently right on our way back to Buffalo.  Joy.  Rapture.  Best.  Day.  Ever.  I love Costco–yes, I said LOVE.  And I meant it.

So we did some shopping.  Some serious shopping.

You know, for the essentials.  Like Cheerios.  M&Ms.  Cheez-Its.  Water.  Just the four main food groups.  (I’m actually a little embarrassed by this cart picture because we really don’t eat that much junk.  The thing is that we’re having a bunch of house guests for a little football game in a couple of weeks, so the junk food is for that.  Uh, yeah, that’s it–it’s for the football party.  I mean, I don’t even like Cheez-Its.  Or M&Ms.)

And since we had to fuel up for the ride home, food was key.  And what better place to dine than Costco?

$1.50 for the world’s best hot dog AND a fountain drink?  Yes please!

Oh how I missed you.

I love Buffalo and I love that we moved from Boston to Western New York, but not having a nearby Costco has been tough.  Real tough.  At least now I should be good for another few months.  The tremors have at least stopped.  Sigh.


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